For almost 15 years Emenda has provided the tools and expertise to help developers efficiently build software that’s more reliable and more secure. Harnessing innovative and leading-edge technology, Emenda delivers effective solutions to accelerate the development of safety-and mission-critical software systems and establish compliance with quality and security standards. As a value-added reseller, we provide services such as customisations, integrations, training, consulting and support for all of the tools we distribute.


"Emenda is excited to be partnering with such an innovative company like Secure Code Warrior. The gamified training platform is fun and encourages a competitive training experience. Missions, Courses and Assessments are a great way for both managers and developers to assess and develop individual training plans. The quality and accessibility to partner training material has always been easy, and the team is always open and ready for questions and advice. The combination of Secure Code Warrior's contextual secure coding training and Emenda's solutions which help accelerate the development of software systems and establish compliance with quality and security standards enable organisations with a holistic approach to secure software practices." Stephane Rougerie, CEO @ Emenda.

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