Build a strong, foundation with secure coding standards and guidelines

Learn about vulnerabilities and security concepts in a readable format with code snippets in a specific language or framework.

Coding Guidelines - Tailored to each language

Dive deep into secure coding concepts to learn defensive security techniques and build a strong foundational knowledge before graduating to more challenging, interactive content. Guidelines review general mitigation strategies to future-proof secure coding knowledge and go in-depth with current best practices for any selected language.

Assessment Do’s & Don’ts

Assessment Dos

  • Use real-world problems
  • Include a variety of challenges
  • Test for problem-solving abilities
  • Evaluate soft skills
  • Ensure fairness and objectivity

Assessment Don’ts

  • Use unrealistic time constraints
  • Solely rely on Whiteboard Coding
  • Forget about code readability
  • Neglect security

Lock down your code with defensive knowledge

Increase your defensive coding skills with clear examples and code snippets in a specific language or framework.

Mitigate vulnerabilities

Resolve software vulnerabilities through secure coding techniques. Our platform equips developers with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and address security flaws effectively. By focusing on secure coding techniques and providing clear guidelines, we help developers understand the root causes of vulnerabilities and how to prevent them.

Get relevant examples

Learn how to mitigate vulnerable code through code snippets and examples. Understanding the theory behind secure coding is one thing, but applying it effectively requires practical examples. Our platform provides an abundance of real-world examples and code snippets that demonstrate how to rectify vulnerable code.

Upskill over time

Deepen your knowledge with contextual, self-paced learning. With contextual learning materials, developers can understand not just the 'how' but also the 'why' behind secure coding practices and stay up to date with the latest happenings in the ever-changing landscape.
Guidelines in action

Contextual, self-guided learning

Get in-dept explanations

Understand how to recognize the vulnerability and the best-practices to mitigate it.

Learn in common languages

Get in-depth coverage of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities for popular web languages, as well as Pseudocode snippets.

Go at your own pace

Learn the ins and outs of a vulnerability with additional context and self-paced learning.

Get started

Supported Frameworks

Over 60 languages & frameworks covered

Python: Flask
Java: Enterprise Edition (JSP)
PHP Symfony
JavaScript: (2+)
Java: Enterprise Edition (API)
C# (.NET): Web API
Ruby: Rails
C# (.NET): Web Forms
C# (.NET): Basic
Java Spring
Node.js API
Java Servlets
Java: Android SDK
Kotlin Spring API
PHP Basic
Oracle PL/SQL
Kotlin: Android SDK
C# (.NET): Core
Salesforce Apex
Java: Spring API
Node.js (Express)
Perl: Dancer2
Scala: Play
C# (.NET): MVC
React Native
Java: Enterprise Edition (JSF)
Python Web API
Pseudocode: Mobile
Objective-C: iOS SDK
PHP Laravel
Python: Django
JavaScript: React
Java Struts
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"Helping uplift developers, bringing them up to speed on secure coding techniques means that mistakes in the code are found early in the software development cycle. It really saves time, allows us to enact change faster, and deliver value and reliability to our customers at a more rapid rate."
Chris Howes
Head of Cyber Assurance @ National Australia Bank

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