Automotive & Transport

Ensure your developers are skilled in embedded secure coding for connected vehicles.

Framework-specific and enterprise-ready.

Make security an intrinsic part of how your developers think. Empower them to code securely from the start, with a proven platform that provides:

  • Embed-focus vulnerability categories and code snippets that upskill and benchmark your development teams, at scale.
  • All-in-one, hands-on developer security training, assessments, and tools, in the embedded programming frameworks developers use every day.
  • A proven enterprise-ready program that includes best-practice playbooks and metrics.
  • Optimal program roll-out with our unique customer success approach.

Upskill to accelerate vehicle cybersecurity

Secure Code Warrior offers many ways to get your developers deeply immersed in and excited by the challenges of secure coding. These include hands-on Training, guided learning Courses, team and company-wide Tournaments, all in actual embedded code snippets. Plus, a real-time guidance solution, Sensei, which delivers intelligent linting and coaching inside their development environment.


Excite and engage developers with secure coding Tournaments that help to cement a proactive security posture.


Verify and benchmark secure coding skills and competency of your current developers and potential new hires.


Real-world immersive secure coding simulations to help developers experience the impact of a breach and drive them to learn more.

Structured learning pathway for embedded software developers

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What our customers are saying

"Content is amazing. Our Customer Success Manager is engaging and pleasant to work with."

Security Tester, Fortune 500 Automotive & Transport Company

"Secure Code Warrior brought a much wider awareness and engagement because of its game-like features and tournaments"

Security Tester, Fortune 500 Automotive & Transport Company

"Preventive measure to reduce vulnerabilities."

Tobias Berka, Development Manager @ Eurofunk Kappacher

Create a security-driven development team today.

Make software security awareness an intrinsic part of your company culture through our application security training.

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