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Get started with security fundamentals and application security concepts

Welcome to a host of free learning resources, designed to inspire secure coding mastery! Here you’ll find over 60+ e-learning videos and presentation resources, covering security fundamentals, mobile, and web application security weaknesses. Enjoy!

Security fundamentals

Kick start your secure coding skills with our free learning resources, covering application security concepts like - least privileges, security by default, preventative tips, robust error checking, trust no input, open design, fail security, reuse of existing security controls in a framework or language, logging and data protection. Drill into web application security to learn about - insufficient HTTP headers, CSP, SOP, CORS, issues with client-side security measures, cookies and sessions and local storage.

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What our customers are saying

"I like the hint videos explaining how the vulnerability works (that you can access on the Learning Resources page) to see the code in action, in an almost real codebase. I like the active way of learning, like real debugging sessions, which I think involves more thinking. There are plenty of exercises and the map with live attacks adds a bit of fun!"

Nils Renaud, Staff Software Engineer @ ForgeRock

"The videos in the Learning Resources section, along with slide decks in various formats are nicely done. Having the boilerplate around the vulnerable code is nice and it gives a much more authentic feel to the applications."

David Luna, Senior Staff Software Engineer @ ForgeRock
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