SCW for GitHub

Contextual learning directly within GitHub

Stop just finding security flaws, with SCW for GitHub, developers get contextual training right inside their GitHub workflows. SCW for GitHub adds contextual application security training material to SARIF files or directly within the issues and pull requests they are working on, giving developers access to knowledge when they need it most in order to help you ship quality code faster.

Contextual learning directly with SCA and XasT Tools

SCW for GitHub scans for Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) or Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) references, and common vulnerability names in issues and pull requests to display contextual just-in-time training. If a vulnerability reference is found, a comment will be posted on the issue or pull request with contextual learning materials included that help your team quickly resolve it and prevent recurring vulnerabilities.

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Add training to SARIF with GitHub Action

Write code faster, and with more confidence.

Contextual micro-learning helps make your learning more efficient by giving you access to training relevant to issues and pull requests as you are working on them, saving you time and increasing effectiveness.

Industry Standard References

Programming framework specific training content based on Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) or Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) references identified in the issue or pull request title, body or labels.

Improve code quality and ship faster

Help your developers get stuff done with real-time coaching, so they learn in context, and stay in flow

Optimize developer productivity with an integrated technology stack

Maximize release velocity

Security conscious and capable team, coding fast and coding right

  • Prevent recurring vulnerabilities with skilled security-aware developers and maximize release velocity
  • Faster resolution with contextual training increases developer efficiency
  • Less context-switching helps increase team efficiency

Build your secure coding posture

Simple solutions that help foster relations and reduce risks

  • Target key weaknesses and reduce recurring vulnerabilities
  • Seamlessly add secure coding knowledge directly within your existing SSDLC
  • Re-enforce structured learning with just-in-time contextual training

Improve developer efficiency

Shipping secure code that matters, at speed, with confidence

  • Master your craft with contextual training to build your secure-coding skills
  • Spend more time on the stuff that matters rather researching how to fix vulnerabilities
  • Training in the language and frameworks that you use everyday

What our customers are saying

"Helping uplift developers, bringing them up to speed on secure coding techniques means that mistakes in the code are found early in the software development cycle. It really saves time, allows us to enact change faster, and deliver value and reliability to our customers at a more rapid rate."

Chris Howes
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