Prove your team has the skills to secure your code - and avoid security threats in the first place

Benchmark the secure coding and cybersecurity skills of your developers, contractors or new hires, without additional costs for external consultants. Verify secure coding skills in a fully customizable and controllable environment with Secure Code Warrior Assessments.

Measure and improve developers’ secure coding skills

A key part of your cyber risk assessment should be to verify the secure coding skills of your developers. Secure Code Warrior Assessments offer you a proven way to do it. Demonstrate to auditors that your team is learning the necessary secure coding skills outlined in regulations like PCI-DSS and NIST. With skilled security-aware developers, your engineering team is more efficient, can release features faster, and avoid wasting time on rework

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Leading dev teams use Assessments to prove their skills

Target a wide range of issues

Configure Assessments in your choice of language:frameworks to target specific security issues in your codebase.

Measure skills the simple way

Start with pre-built Assessment templates and customize them for your unique requirements.

Demonstrate compliance

Detailed and individualized reporting to track progress, focus on potential skill gaps, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Assessments in action


  • Accurately demonstrate compliance to regulations such as PCI DSS, NIST, and ISO, with detailed reporting.
  • Assessments can be completed in more than 50 language:frameworks, including specific areas of the OWASP Top 10 and more.
  • Set completion timeframes to meet auditing and compliance deadlines. Start with pre-built assessments and customize them to your unique requirements.


  • Benchmark your team’s progress and retention of security concepts, with powerful reporting to track and monitor training progress
  • Build assessments to target specific frameworks, vulnerabilities and skill levels
  • Evaluate skills with pre-configured OWASP Top 10 assessment templates


  • Help everyone recognize how much their overall security awareness has increased with individual reporting to track progress and focus on potential skill gaps
  • Automatically email customizable achievement certificates based on pre-defined passing scores
  • Empower developers to self-evaluate with configurable retry attempts

What our customers are saying

"Secure Code Warrior is fantastic. To start, it has helped us comply with customer requirements to provide secure development training to our developers, though our benefit doesn’t stop at compliance."

Nicole Smith, Head of Security @ Komodo Health - Achieve Compliance

"Secure Code Warrior has helped us identify risks during development to reduce security debt."

Security Analyst, Global 500 Metals & Mining Company

"SCW has helped us greatly in achieving PCI-DSS compliance. Its certification program helps us identify 'security champions' for project staffing."

Peter Kohler, CISO @ Netcetera AG
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