Evaluate your teams’ secure coding skills and assess new talent with comprehensive software development assessments.

Assessment Do’s & Don’ts

Assessment Dos

  • Use real-world problems
  • Include a variety of challenges
  • Test for problem-solving abilities
  • Evaluate soft skills
  • Ensure fairness and objectivity

Assessment Don’ts

  • Use unrealistic time constraints
  • Solely rely on Whiteboard Coding
  • Forget about code readability
  • Neglect security

Prove secure coding skills

Leading software development teams use our Assessments to prove their secure coding skills.

Target security issues
Configure assessments in your preferred coding language and target specific security concerns relevant to your deployment projects. The ability to tailor your assessments allows you to challenge and enhance your team's ability to identify and mitigate risks.
Measure skills
Create, view, and edit global assessment templates to base your specific evaluations on a comprehensive range of skills and competencies. Our platform offers an extensive library to ensure your team meets the high standards required for secure coding.
Fulfill compliance
Detailed and individualized reporting helps fulfill compliance requirements by providing a clear audit trail of your team's skills and competencies. Reduce risks, minimize vulnerabilities, and secure your data with our platform.
Assessments in action

Evaluate developer security skills


Set up assessments using pre-built templates, or customize them to meet your unique requirements for regulatory compliance (PCI-DSS, NIST and ISO). Available in more than 60 languages and frameworks.

Assessment - Build a secure coding culture

Benchmark your teams' progress and retention of security concepts with powerful reporting to track and monitor training progress.

Assessment - Measure and improve

Help developers recognize how much their overall security awareness has increased with individual reporting to assess, track progress, and focus on potential skill gaps.

Secure coding in action.

Secure Code Warrior builds a culture of security-driven developers by giving them the skills  to code securely. Our Learning Platform delivers relevant hands-on missions, and contextual tools for developers.

Fundamentals redefined.

"With Secure Code Warrior we found that there was a much better relationship between our security team and our developers, and it really felt like we were working together as a team on the program. We are continuing to expand and scale the security maturity program, building on the success we have already enjoyed."

Alex Schuchman,
CISO at Colgate- Palmolive

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