Achieve compliance and reduce recurring vulnerabilities with programming framework specific guided learning

Reduce rework, track progress, and inspire developers to embrace a preventative secure coding approach. Secure Code Warrior Courses help you uncover the cybersecurity warrior inside every coder. Maximize your release velocity and ship quality software with confidence.

Create skill-based pathways that lead to intrinsic security

Our cybersecurity Courses are guided learning pathways that help increase the security consciousness of your whole development team and create a strong security posture. Each module consists of activities including language:framework-specific coding challenges, check-points, videos, and custom content, which work together to build secure coding skills, step by step. Help your team prevent recurring vulnerabilities and build quality software that helps protect your brand reputation.

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Build a secure coding culture on a strong learning framework

Eradicate specific vulnerabilities

Create guided learning paths that focus on specific vulnerabilities that impact your organization – then change these pathways as the skills of your development team grow and evolve.

Deliver quality code faster

Empower developers to level-up their secure coding skills through language:framework-specific modules. Upskill them to release high-quality code much faster.

Achieve compliance and drive participation

Configure modules to be finished within a set timeframe or by a specific date to meet compliance and audit requirements. Add various engagement incentives to drive participation.

Courses in action


A strong and engaging learning framework helps achieve organizational regulatory compliance.

  • Powerful reporting to track and monitor training progress across your organization
  • Set completion deadlines for auditing objectives
  • Reduce the administrative burden and keep teams on track with automated invites and reminders

Reduce recurring vulnerabilities

Guide your developers to level-up their skills through curated learning pathways.

  • Predefined templates focus on OWASP Top 10, Injection Flaws, PCI-DSS and target specific vulnerabilities in your code base
  • You can also build unique Courses to stop company-specific recurring vulnerabilities.

Have Fun

Security is not a game – but learning about it can be. Get your team highly engaged with role-specific gamified training.

  • Target specific vulnerabilities with configurable learning modules.
  • Mix and match vulnerability, difficulty, and playing mode.
  • Coding Challenges - Interactive programming framework-specific gamified exercises.
  • In-built recognition and reward appeals to developers’ competitive spirit.

What our customers are saying

"Secure Code Warrior is fantastic. To start, it has helped us comply with customer requirements to provide secure development training to our developers, though our benefit doesn’t stop at compliance."

Nicole Smith, Head of Security @ Komodo Health - Achieve Compliance

"Secure Code Warrior has helped us educate developers and reduce the number of vulnerabilities."

Security Analyst, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

"SCW has helped us greatly in achieving PCI-DSS compliance. Its certification program helps us identify 'security champions' for project staffing."

Peter Kohler, CISO @ Netcetera AG
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