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We pride ourselves in celebrating people for who they are and what they contribute. For open opportunities, look no further.

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Secure Code Warrior's approach to improving secure coding skills and outcomes is simple, scalable and positive; creating an environment in which everyone can enjoy spending more time building, and less time fixing. We have built a supportive environment that fosters community, transparency, and contributing to the greater good. Our team is diverse, clever, passionate - and let's be honest here - slightly quirky.

We love strong thinkers who are eager to work hard as a team, and who also enjoy celebrating success together in fun ways.
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The Warrior Code

Secure Code Warrior is a global company - we thrive on diversity of religion, race, gender, diet or community and thinking - and these guiding principles are reflected in our Warrior Code.

Warrior benefits

We have great Warriors on board, so we want to look after you with great perks and benefits! Different countries have different options, but we work hard to make everyone feel a valued part of the family.

  • Share options
  • Parental leave
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Personal & professional development
  • Warrior referral program
  • Work from home package
  • Social events
  • Flexible work environment
  • Healthy snacks and good coffee
  • Health and well-being program
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Jobs at Secure Code Warrior

We have built a supportive environment that fosters community, transparency, and contributing to the greater good. Our team is diverse, clever, passionate—and let's be honest here—slightly quirky. You can view our available opportunities below or jump straight to our job site using this link.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

To build Secure Code Warrior we are reliant on ideas, experiences, and creativity from around the world. Together our global team represents different stories, backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences that influence the way we work, impact how we build our product and shape the way we grow our teams. We are dedicated to building a company that champions the efforts and contributions of every individual modern Warrior.

How we hire at Secure Code Warrior

So you’ve read all about the great things we’re doing here at Secure Code Warrior, you’ve checked out our careers page, submitted your application and are eager to know what’s next? Below is an overview of the interview process and our approach to growing our team.


A conversation with our talent team

You will receive an initial call from a member of our awesome Talent Partners or Sourcing Specialists. We will explore your motivation for applying, your relevant skills and experience to the role you have applied/sourced for. These calls are conducted via Google Meet.

A conversation with the hiring manager

These interviews aim to evaluate your interest in and ability to do the day-to-day work of the role. They show us what you’ve done and what you bring, we call this our competence and skill set interview, where we’re keen to understand the exciting projects you’ve done prior, and how you’re going to make an impact here at SCW. These calls are typically held via Google Meet.

Challenge based assignment

We want to understand how you think and how you will build alongside us. We use a challenge based interview to do so, depending on the role, this could look like:
• 30, 60, 90 day plan
• Coding Challenge
• Role Play - talk us through how you might structure your week
• Build out a product road map etc.

Feedback on your interview performance, skills, and experience

At this point, everyone you’ve interviewed with submits their feedback and we assess whether you’d be successful in the role we’re hiring for—or if there’s another role at Secure Code Warrior that makes sense for you. After your feedback is complied, you'll hear from your Talent Partner to review how your interviews went and discuss any next steps.

Reference checks & reviewing your job offer

After you accept, we look forward to officially welcoming you to Secure Code Warrior. During this process we’ll also get some of the small formalities over and done with like reference checks etc. *From time to time this process will change depending on the seniority of the role and stakeholders involved.
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