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Secure Code Warrior builds a culture of security-driven developers by giving them the skills  to code securely. Our Learning Platform delivers relevant hands-on missions, and contextual tools for developers.
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Choose between self-paced learning, creating customized curriculums, assessing skills, or running a tournament with relevant, engaging secure code training.


Learning Activities
Get introduced to software security concepts through a host of overview videos.

These micro-videos give developers just-in-time "how-to-fix" help that is specific to the code they’re addressing or the vulnerabilities they’ve found.
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Learning Activities
Understand the ins and outs of software vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top 10, what they look like, and how to avoid them. Guidelines cover multiple language:frameworks.
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Learning Activities
Try to find a flag by exploiting a live application for offensive training.

Missions are advanced versions of Walkthroughs that immerse your developers in engaging real-world scenarios to complete hyper-relevant security missions and boost their secure coding skills for practical application.
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Coding Labs

Learning Activities
Get hands-on training with intuitive feedback, all within a familiar and powerful in-browser IDE, making it easier than ever to go from learning to doing and advance your secure coding skills.
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Learning Activities
We secure software through developer-driven security at the start of the software development lifecycle.

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Learning path
Allow developers to focus on secure coding concepts in the language they choose, and in their own speed.

Developers can explore the  widest range of language:frameworks specific education through a proven, hyper-relevant Learning Platform.
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Learning path
Create learning modules based on tiered learning from multiple training activities. Build relevant courses for developers from specific software vulnerabilities important for your organization or select from recommended concepts like the Owasp Top 10 and more.
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Learning Activities
Analyse, find vulnerabilities in existing code and choose the right solution how to fix them. Immerse yourself in engaging real-world scenarios to complete hyper-relevant security missions and boost their secure coding skills for practical application.
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Trust Score

Learning Path
Measure the effectiveness of your secure coding training with the SCW Trust Score. This innovative tool offers a data-driven assessment of your development team’s skills in secure coding and application security.

Allowing AppSec teams and CISOs to gain a comprehensive understanding of team competencies and identify areas for improvement.
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Learning Path
Challenge and test developer knowledge on specific concepts in order to benchmark the secure coding and cybersecurity skills of your developers, new hires, or contractors.
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Learning path
Get developers fired up and focussed on secure coding upskilling while building cyber security awareness company-wide.

Tournaments are a fun and competitive approach to getting people interested and familiar with the gamified learning experience.
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Developer tools

Learning Activities
Integrate real-time, contextual security training directly into your development tools, providing developers with essential guidance precisely when needed. This feature delivers targeted security insights directly to developers as they code.
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Security tools

Learning Path

Security tools

Equip developers with the tools to efficiently resolve vulnerabilities flagged by automated security systems, enhancing code safety and compliance.
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Educational tools

Learning path

Educational tools

Seamlessly integrate the SCW program into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline deployment and enhance your educational framework.
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"With Secure Code Warrior we found that there was a much better relationship between our security team and our developers, and it really felt like we were working together as a team on the program. We are continuing to expand and scale the security maturity program, building on the success we have already enjoyed."

Alex Schuchman, CISO at Colgate- Palmolive
Learn how Colgate-Palmolive built their C-Suite program with SCW here.

"With Secure Code Warrior, you can stay ahead and take a proactive approach to mitigate that potential chain of vulnerabilities through agile secure code learning."

Derek Fisher, Head of Product Security at Envestnet
Learn how Envestnet built their Engineering program with SCW here.

"I honestly would say that we would not have been able to get this far and build out a kind of a program that has this level of maturity in terms of different layers or dev team across different technologies without the support of Secure Code Warrior."

Mads Howard, People-Centered Security Lead at Sage
Learn how Sage built their Security program with SCW here.

"Designed for engineers, the platform has helped to educate and empower our teams to secure their code while reinforcing our culture that security is everyone’s responsibility."

Pat Opet, Chief Information Security Officer at JPMorgan Chase

"Helping uplift developers, bringing them up to speed on secure coding techniques means that mistakes in the code are found early in the software development cycle. It really saves time, allows us to enact change faster, and deliver value and reliability to our customers at a more rapid rate."

Chris Howes, Head of Cyber Assurance @ National Australia Bank

"SCW has helped us greatly in achieving PCI-DSS compliance. Its certification program helps us identify 'security champions' for project staffing."

Peter Kohler, CISO @ Netcetera AG
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