Build an expert community through coding competitions

Fortify your code. Our platform allows you to foster a community centric cybersecurity network with engaging coding competitions & tournaments, highlighting real-world vulnerabilities and secure coding practices.

Build security skills and awareness the easy way

Kicking off your security program just got a whole lot easier and way more fun with our Tournaments. Here's the deal: devs dive into a mix of coding challenges, racing to spot and fix real-life code bugs. It’s a game-like setup, with everything from easy peasy to super tough challenges. This isn't just about learning - it's about turning your AppSec program into something everyone wants to be part of, spreading security smarts across your company. Plus, Tournaments are more than just a competition. They're a cool way to show how vital secure coding is, making it real and relatable for devs. As they play around they are becoming security champions, helping to build a culture where everyone’s in on keeping the code safe - which should be at the foundation of any industry. It's all about making security a big deal for everyone, and having a bit of fun while we’re at it.

Assessment Do’s & Don’ts

Assessment Dos

  • Use real-world problems
  • Include a variety of challenges
  • Test for problem-solving abilities
  • Evaluate soft skills
  • Ensure fairness and objectivity

Assessment Don’ts

  • Use unrealistic time constraints
  • Solely rely on Whiteboard Coding
  • Forget about code readability
  • Neglect security

Get developers fired up with friendly coding competitions

Make your security awareness program fun and unique.

Have fun while learning

Build a program that is entertaining and based on real-world security vulnerabilities.

Reward skills

Players can benchmark themselves against others.

Identify champions

Identify the security champions within your organization.
Tournaments in action

A fun & competitive environment for learning

Engage your team

Create tournaments with highly relevant content and real-world use cases.

Creating tournaments with highly relevant content and real-world use cases is more than just an educational exercise; it's a transformative experience for developers. These tournaments are crafted to mirror the complexities and challenges developers face in their daily work, turning abstract concepts into tangible skills that can be immediately applied. By focusing on real-world scenarios, participants are not only testing their coding abilities but are also learning to navigate and solve problems that directly impact the security and efficiency of software applications in the industry.

Establish a baseline

Baseline your security awareness skills and where to improve, making goal setting easy and achievable.

Tournaments like these are more than just educational events; they're catalysts for building a security-focused culture within organizations. By competing against peers, developers are motivated to hone their skills, encouraging a healthy exchange of knowledge and best practices. This environment of continuous learning and improvement elevates the overall security posture of the organization, making it more resilient against cyber threats. Baselining security awareness skills through such practical engagements helps individuals and teams identify specific areas for improvement. This clarity makes goal setting both easy and achievable, providing a clear roadmap for personal and professional development.

Make security intrinsic

Create a culture shift that boosts security from the last check to the first priority with highly engaging and rewarding learning experiences.

By framing secure coding as a fundamental aspect of quality and performance, rather than a hindrance or checkbox item, you can foster an environment where security is valued as a key component of successful project delivery. Engaging learning experiences, such as interactive coding challenges, gamified learning platforms, and competitive coding tournaments, serve as powerful tools in this cultural transformation. They make learning about security fun and rewarding, encouraging participation and sustained interest among developers. Over time, this shift in priorities and practices contributes to a strong security culture where security is seamlessly integrated into the development lifecycle, from the first line of code to the final release.

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Supported Frameworks

Over 60 languages & frameworks covered

Python: Flask
Java: Enterprise Edition (JSP)
PHP Symfony
JavaScript: (2+)
Java: Enterprise Edition (API)
C# (.NET): Web API
Ruby: Rails
C# (.NET): Web Forms
C# (.NET): Basic
Java Spring
Node.js API
Java Servlets
Java: Android SDK
Kotlin Spring API
PHP Basic
Oracle PL/SQL
Kotlin: Android SDK
C# (.NET): Core
Salesforce Apex
Java: Spring API
Node.js (Express)
Perl: Dancer2
Scala: Play
C# (.NET): MVC
React Native
Java: Enterprise Edition (JSF)
Python Web API
Pseudocode: Mobile
Objective-C: iOS SDK
PHP Laravel
Python: Django
JavaScript: React
Java Struts
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