Throw down the gauntlet on secure coding - kick off your appsec program with a tournament

Get developers fired up and focussed on secure coding, while building cyber security awareness company-wide. Tap into the proven Learning Platform that lets you deliver highly engaging cyber challenges, and upskill your developers, with Tournaments.

Build security skills and awareness the easy way

With Tournaments, kicking off your security awareness program couldn’t be easier – or more engaging. Players are presented with a series of coding challenges and missions, and compete against each other to identify, locate and fix vulnerabilities. All challenges are based on real code examples, and are ranked from easy through to fiendishly hard! It’s the perfect way to drive awareness and promote your AppSec program company-wide.

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Get your developers fired up in friendly competition

Raise security awareness and ownership

With a range of challenges, time limits, leaderboards, and prizes, tournaments generate a buzz that makes secure coding cool and promotes security awareness and ownership.

Increase active security learning

A gamified enterprise learning platform inspires developers to test themselves against their peers and encourages replay, increasing levels of active learning.

Identify your security champions

Throughout the tournament, developers earn points and can watch as they climb to the top of the leaderboard. This helps you spot the potential security champions within your development team.

Tournaments in action

Engage your team

Tournaments are a great way to raise organizational awareness about secure coding and get people talking about it as well. View this video to see how secure coding tournaments generate a sense of fun, high engagement, and repeat play.

Establish a baseline

Tournaments are a great way to determine the potential security champions in your company and quickly establish a baseline for future skills development.

What our customers are saying

"Secure Code Warrior’s use of gamification has helped us emphasize the importance of secure coding in a refreshingly fun and engaging way."

Software Engineer, Financial Services Company

"Secure Code Warrior brought a much wider awareness and engagement because of its game-like features and tournaments"

Security Tester, Automotive & Transport Company

"I like it to learn, very much. Gamification is amazing. I have enhanced my skills to check the code."

Manager, Financial Services Company
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