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Our team of Warriors are located all over the world and deliver first class support to organizations who are building out their plan to stamp out poor coding patterns. Our dedicated Customer Success team provides support as you enable your development teams to ship quality code faster. We’ll support you in achieving your positive business outcomes with our:

  • Unique customer success approach that enables optimal program set up and roll-out
  • Proven enterprise-ready playbooks which drive industry best practices
  • Data driven approach to rolling out a world class secure coding program
  • Extensive help center with access to informative videos, handy how-to guides and templates for communication and reporting - everything you need to roll out a comprehensive security program to your teams.
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The key ingredients for program success

Throughout your journey with Secure Code Warrior we’ll guide you to create a successful, measurable security program that engages your developer teams and improves their secure coding skills. The result: a robust and relevant skills based program that improves security culture and the quality of your products. We’re here to support you through:

  • Sharing best practices and key performance indicators that lead to driving change across development teams
  • Guidance on Platform set up and developer onboarding
  • Success planning and tracking
  • Regular metrics and insights to drive effective change and improvements

Need inspiration? Read our case studies to find out how we can help you.

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Ongoing support for you and your developers

Once your program kicks off, we have a fully-integrated support system built into the Platform through which we can communicate with individual developers that request help, and email support to Training Administrators as required. We can also accept feedback on the Platform and individual challenges in the Platform from any user through the platform.

Seamless onboarding your team

Successful security programs have a seamless start. Your assigned Customer Success Manager works with you and your team to establish an onboarding strategy to engage your key stakeholders and seamlessly get developers on board and engaged.

Build secure code awareness across your organization

With varying levels of security awareness amongst your developers it’s important that your teams understand what secure coding is, and why it’s important. Kick-off your cybersecurity program with a fun, competitive team Tournament that raises awareness across your teams.

Tournaments not only drive awareness but also help to identify strengths and weaknesses across your development team. They're also great at identifying potential security champions.

Identify and eliminate key vulnerabilities

The same recurring vulnerabilities hinder release deadlines and disrupt workflow. Your CSM will help you to create targeted learning pathways to eliminate the top vulnerabilities in your code bases and stop them from reoccurring.

Establish a company baseline

Be confident in what secure coding should look like. As part of your security program we’ll help you to determine the minimum competency in security coding skills for your existing teams and new hires, so you can continuously assess and protect your business.

Certification Program

Structured programs encourage and motivate positive outcomes. Build a certification program to act as a learning path for skills development and contributions to helping others. Certifications can then be used as a prerequisite for promotions and opportunities to work on critical development projects.

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