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An open approach to developer-centric learning

Organizations looking to DevSecOps for faster, more secure releases know the importance of optimizing developer productivity with an integrated technology stack. Warrior Connect integrations empower your developers with secure coding knowledge at the most efficient stage of the software development lifecycle.

Maximize the security potential of every developer, every day

Empower developers with fixes, not just problems.

Give your developers the knowledge and skills to fix bad coding patterns in the tools they use everyday.

Entrust developers with trusted solutions

Don't risk your code and brand reputation to a Google search. Provide trusted solutions to common security issues.

Up-skill your team and reduce recurring vulnerabilities

Increase your teams productivity and eliminate barriers by bringing contextual training to them, when they need it most.

Secure Code Warrior Integrations

Global DevOps technology providers believing in the human-led approach to better quality software integrate with Secure Code Warrior to deliver continuous training to their customers in different ways.

Secure Code Warrior built Integrations

Secure Code Warrior has built integrations with these world-class DevOps technology platforms, to bring contextual training to developers when they need it most.

Integration Partners

Our integration partners have built a direct integration with Secure Code Warrior Learning Platform, providing their customers with the world's best secure code learning resources directly inside their software.

Interested in integrating with us?

Enhance your application using our API, and present contextual framework-specific secure code developer training to save your users time and increase their efficiency.

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Fill out the form with details about your business and why you're applying to be a Warrior Connect Partner. Make sure you take a look at our API docs before you start creating anything.

2. We'll assess your application

Once we have received your application, we will complete an initial assessment to make sure you'd be a good fit.

3. Explore partnership

We will get in touch with you to further discuss partnership potential and how we could work together.

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Embrace developer-driven secure coding.

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