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Empower your developers with the right tools to bake security into the products they write. With an unrivaled breadth and depth of content and proven customer success program, Secure Code Warrior helps gear your company towards achieving compliance to industry and information security frameworks and regulations, including NIST, PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10, and ISO 27001.

Not all developer training is created equal.

Compliance doesn’t mean everyone has to become a slave to rigid, creativity-free development. Instead, it means empowering employees to use secure coding best practices from the very beginning. With dynamic training content that appeals directly to developers’ creative, problem-solving traits, you can:

  • Reduce gaps in developer skills and knowledge
  • Ensure your teams can code securely in their chosen language:framework
  • Ensure ongoing compliance and compliance training as security frameworks evolve

Dynamic, contextual training – the gold standard

By offering developers dynamic training material that can be rapidly shaped to business needs, individual skill levels and evolving security threats, you are providing them with the best possible foundation for coding securely. The key is a unique combination of self-selected, gamified, 100% hands-on training that makes learning far more engaging and meaningful.


Guided learning pathways to up-skill your developers and help achieve compliance requirements - fast.


Verify and benchmark secure coding skills and competency of your current developers and potential new hires.


Real-world immersive secure coding simulations that drive developers to want to learn more.


Excite and engage developers with secure coding Tournaments that help to cement a proactive security posture

Empower compliance with Courses

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What our customers are saying

"3 out of 4 organizations meet industry compliance requirements. 74% of organizations agree that they “have been more effective at meeting organizational security compliance with current industry regulations and guidelines as a result of using the platform.”"

"Two thirds (64%) of Technology organisations surveyed said they have met annual compliance objectives, as a result of implementing Secure Code Warrior®."

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"Secure Code Warrior is fantastic. To start, it has helped us comply with customer requirements to provide secure development training to our developers, though our benefit doesn’t stop at compliance."

Head of Security @ Komodo Health

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