Self-Paced Training

Embed secure code training into your team’s DNA

Rapidly enhance developer secure coding skills across the widest range of languages and frameworks. Our proven hyper-relevant learning platform embeds security into coding and mindset.

Secure coding training that inspires developers

Enhance your secure coding skills at your own pace with Secure Code Warrior's on-demand training. Accessible anytime and anywhere, this self-guided platform offers a wealth of resources tailored to developers' needs. As a crucial component of your organization's bespoke learning program, our training not only educates but also excites developers about the importance of cybersecurity. Dive deep into the latest security practices across various programming languages and frameworks, and become part of a proactive community prioritizing code safety. With Secure Code Warrior, transform the way you approach coding, ensuring security is integrated into every line of code you write.

Assessment Do’s & Don’ts

Assessment Dos

  • Use real-world problems
  • Include a variety of challenges
  • Test for problem-solving abilities
  • Evaluate soft skills
  • Ensure fairness and objectivity

Assessment Don’ts

  • Use unrealistic time constraints
  • Solely rely on Whiteboard Coding
  • Forget about code readability
  • Neglect security

Practical knowledge and training

Our content library is like an ever-expanding universe of code, packed with goodies for every coder out there. Imagine having over 60 programming frameworks and more than 8,000 challenges at your fingertips, covering every security hiccup you can think of – that’s over 150 types of security vulnerabilities! It’s not just big; it’s designed to keep you ahead of the curve, constantly updated with the latest in coding and security. Whether you’re battling common bugs like SQL injections or tackling the trickier stuff, we’ve got your back. Dive in, play around, and boost your coding skills in the most fun way possible. Welcome to your new playground!

Build skills

Get access to an extensive framework-specific content library to build security skills.

Unify teams

Embed a secure code mindset from the outset to reduce vulnerabilities at the source.

Fun and interactive

Earn points, collect badges, and climb the leaderboard to engage developers for better learning outcomes!
Self-Paced Training in action

Practical knowledge and training for security superheroes.

Select your preferred language

Select from over 60 programming languages and frameworks to train in a way that's relevant.

This personalized approach ensures you're not just learning; you're enhancing your skills in the technologies you use daily. It's all about making your learning experience as applicable and impactful as possible, directly benefiting your projects and career by keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Whether you’re coding in Python, wrestling with React, or navigating Node.js, training tailored to your needs means you’re always on top of your game.

Explore the Training Ground

Focus on finding and fixing specific types of application security weaknesses with in-depth training in a sandbox environment to hone your skills.

By zeroing in on identifying and remedying specific types of application security weaknesses, our in-depth training offers a hands-on sandbox environment where you can really sharpen your skills. This focused approach allows you to tackle the nuances of different vulnerabilities directly, learning by doing. It’s an invaluable opportunity to experiment, make mistakes, and learn in a safe, controlled setting, away from the pressures of real-world consequences.

Discover the Mission Control

Complete a set of quests in the most critical and most common application weaknesses.

These quests are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the vulnerabilities that developers frequently encounter. This hands-on experience is invaluable, as it mirrors real-world challenges, ensuring that what you learn is not only relevant but immediately applicable. Successfully navigating through these quests means you'll be better prepared to safeguard your applications against prevalent security threats, making you a more proficient and security-conscious developer.

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Supported Frameworks

Over 60 languages & frameworks covered

Python: Flask
Java: Enterprise Edition (JSP)
PHP Symfony
JavaScript: (2+)
Java: Enterprise Edition (API)
C# (.NET): Web API
Ruby: Rails
C# (.NET): Web Forms
C# (.NET): Basic
Java Spring
Node.js API
Java Servlets
Java: Android SDK
Kotlin Spring API
PHP Basic
Oracle PL/SQL
Kotlin: Android SDK
C# (.NET): Core
Salesforce Apex
Java: Spring API
Node.js (Express)
Perl: Dancer2
Scala: Play
C# (.NET): MVC
React Native
Java: Enterprise Edition (JSF)
Python Web API
Pseudocode: Mobile
Objective-C: iOS SDK
PHP Laravel
Python: Django
JavaScript: React
Java Struts
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