Introducing secure coding training that actually inspires developers to want to learn

Build secure coding skills rapidly at scale across the widest range of language:frameworks, through a proven, hyper-relevant learning platform that makes security key to how coders think.

Embed security into your team’s DNA

Get developers fully engaged with secure coding practices through 100% hands-on training that challenges participants to bake security features into their code right from the start. Secure Code Warrior Training makes it fast and fun for them to identify and fix security issues as they code, follow best practices, and write secure software at speed – making security an intrinsic part of their process.

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Practical knowledge and training for security superheroes

The world’s largest framework-specific content library

Our constantly-expanding content library covers over 50 programming frameworks and 5500+ coding challenges, covering over 147 types of security vulnerabilities. Every coder learns critical skills in the language they code in every day.


Tournaments to leverage competitive spirit

Tournaments allow you to run fun, competitive events for your development teams that increase security awareness across your organization without having to purchase an additional Capture the Flag (CTF) platform.

Tools to benchmark developers’ progress

Assessments allow you to clearly benchmark your developers’ progress and their retention of software security concepts.

Training in action


Build secure coding skills with interactive language:framework-specific coding challenges. Grow awareness by identifying software vulnerabilities and how they work, level-up skills in locating vulnerabilities during code review, and understand mitigation techniques so that they don’t reoccur.

Unify Teams

Embed a secure code mindset from the outset. Unify the security team and developers with a proven suite of secure coding solutions that help avoid costly rework, mitigate risk and make security an intrinsic part of every developers’ DNA.


Turn upskilling into a game, and developers are hooked! Foster a spirit of friendly competition, as coders compete in hands-on coding challenges, and battle their way up the leaderboard. The gamified aspect of the platform offers hints and allows participants to earn points and collect badges. Help your developers test their edge, and learn new skills, as they play. 

What our customers are saying

"I have seen vulnerability remediation happening as a direct result of rolling out SCW training because my developers will say things like “I remember I learned ‘this’ in SCW training, so I am creating a ticket to address the security concern here.” – statements like this are proof that SCW is having a direct impact on the work we do at Komodo Health and the products we provide to our customers."

Nicole Smith, Head of Security @ Komodo Health - Increase Productivity & Skills

"I like the hint videos explaining how the vulnerability works (that you can access on the Learning Resources page) to see the code in action, in an almost real codebase. I like the active way of learning, like real debugging sessions, which I think involves more thinking. There are plenty of exercises and the map with live attacks adds a bit of fun!"

Nils Renaud, Staff Software Engineer @ ForgeRock

"Having a realistic application with full source code for each exercise brings a touch of realism, as does having to navigate that source code to identify which blocks are doing what, and which contain vulnerabilities."

James Phillpotts, Principal Engineer @ ForgeRock
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