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Gain recognition as a cybersecurity champion, and lead from the front with best-in-class secure coding skills. Take advantage of hyper-relevant, engaging training to boost your knowledge, equip you to write secure code at speed, and ship quality code with confidence. With cybersecurity-aware developers in short supply, your skills will always be in high demand.

How to become a secure coding superhero

Uplift your secure code skills in real-time with 100% hands-on training in how to spot and fix security risks, in your choice of programming language:framework.

  • Accelerate your career pathway towards secure developer status.
  • Be the knowledge expert in your team and get to work on exciting projects.
  • Interactive hands-on learning with practical real-life examples in the frameworks you use.
  • Making security an intrinsic part of your workflow to produce quality software – fast.

Supercharge your cybersecurity abilities

Security is not a game, but learning about it can be. The key is a unique combination of self-selected, gamified and 100% hands-on training and courses in the widest range of language:frameworks, which flex with your needs, and is highly relevant to the work you do every day.


Developer secure code training that is fun and hyper-relevant gets teams interested in secure coding best practices, and keeps security front-of-mind.


Excite and engage developers with secure coding Tournaments that help to cement a proactive security posture

SCW for GitHub

Bring contextual training to your team’s daily workflow, with our GitHub plugins, and provide real fixes to recurring vulnerabilities.

SCW for Jira

Bring contextual training to your team’s daily workflow, with our Jira Issue Tracker extension, and provide real fixes to recurring vulnerabilities.


Capture and distribute quality coding guidelines, and fix security flaws in the IntelliJ IDE

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Grow and practice your skills with missions

Resources to help build secure coding skills

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What our customers are saying

"I have seen vulnerability remediation happening as a direct result of rolling out SCW training because my developers will say things like “I remember I learned ‘this’ in SCW training, so I am creating a ticket to address the security concern here.” – statements like this are proof that SCW is having a direct impact on the work we do at Komodo Health and the products we provide to our customers."

Head of Security @ Komodo Health

"I like the hint videos explaining how the vulnerability works (that you can access on the Learning Resources page) to see the code in action, in an almost real codebase. I like the active way of learning, like real debugging sessions, which I think involves more thinking. There are plenty of exercises and the map with live attacks adds a bit of fun!"

Staff Software Engineer @ ForgeRock

"Having a realistic application with full source code for each exercise brings a touch of realism, as does having to navigate that source code to identify which blocks are doing what, and which contain vulnerabilities."

Principal Engineer @ ForgeRock

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