Simplify single sign-on setup and use Secure Code Warrior course and assessment completion data within automation workflows with our Okta integration.


Okta creates a seamless user experience by providing single sign-on to all of the web and mobile applications users need. Users log in once, and can then launch each application without having to re-enter credentials. SCW’s integration with Okta empowers AppSec and Engineering leadership to improve the overall security posture with automated workflows. 

Improve security maturity
Developers are incentivized to continuously improve their secure coding skills so that they can contribute code to strategic projects with high business impact and visibility.
Leverage the power of workflows
Easily craft workflows that access Secure Code Warrior platform data to perform security proficiency checks before granting access to sensitive applications or resources.
Simplify your SSO setup
Take advantage of Okta’s seamless single sign-on experience for the Secure Code Warrior platform.

Leverage automated workflows and simplify setup

Smarter access provisioning

SCW Connector for Okta Workflows automates security proficiency checks to ensure every developer has the requisite skills to commit secure code to sensitive projects

Single sign-on

Allows Secure Code Warrior users to login using Okta as a single sign-on provider, and to manage roles and teams within the SCW platform using Okta groups and user properties.
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