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Embed security into your code to mitigate cyber risks

Reduce risk by going beyond developer training and embedding a security mindset throughout your development process with relevant, hands-on learning.

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How Secure Code Warrior Helps You Mitigate Cyber Security Risks

Operating an organization exposes it to numerous cyber security risks, whether you’re selling products online, creating breakthrough software in the healthcare sector, or working in financial services. Our platform helps you stop these threats before they even get the chance to develop, by training your developer how to create code utilizing up-to-date and secure methods.

Minimize recurring vulnerabilities

Upskill developers to be aware of common vulnerabilities, understand their impact and teach them how to avoid them in the first place.

Developers who use Secure Code Warrior introduce 53% fewer vulnerabilities than their peers. By understanding how vulnerabilities can be exploited, along with the potential damage they can cause, teams can be more effective and work more efficiently.

Secure your data

Securing your code base is vital to protecting sensitive organizational and customer data and protecting your brand reputation.

Reduce risk of a breach

Building a team of security-aware developers is your first line of defense to preventing vulnerabilities and a data breach.

Secure Code Warrior integrates into your preferred workflow

Connect the power of Secure Code Warrior with the tools developers use every day.

Organizations looking to prioritize secure software development without sacrificing release velocity know the importance of an integrated technology stack. Our integrations empower developers with secure code training integrated into the tools they use daily, allowing your team to work productively.


Reduce risk exposure through skilled developers

Enhance your team's expertise and cultivate developers who prioritize security, fostering a security-centric culture within your organization. These skilled developers help your organization establish a security-first culture which reduces the risk that software vulnerabilities will ever be introduced into your company’s code base. Cater to individual skill levels and stay up to date with evolving security threats.
  • Over 60 languages and frameworks
  • Hands-on learning
  • Over 8000 learning activities
Learning Platform

Focusing on secure development will also:

Reduce costs

Instead of fixing vulnerabilities in post-production, eliminate them during the code development process.

Increase productivity

When developers are security-aware and are skilled in developing secure code, DevSecOps productivity and culture improves dramatically.

Achieve compliance

Comply with industry and information security frameworks and regulations, including NIST, PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10, and ISO 27001.

Your blueprint for mitigating risk with secure code

Our platform will guide your team through everything they need to know to remove the risk of cyber security risks during development, from installing firewalls to conducting risk assessments, establishing access controls, and so much more. Hands-on learning content to upskill your developers and minimize the risks associated with insecure code.


Create customizable Courses

Build customizable secure coding Courses or use a pre-designed template for your development team to learn, improve, and practice their skills. Use completion data to demonstrate security training requirements for compliance.
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Benchmark and improve your developer’s skills

Ensure developers have retained the security skills they learned in Courses by verifying and benchmarking the competency of your team. Or assess the skills of new hires to ensure you’re building a team that prioritizes security.
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Self-Paced Training

Build skills rapidly with bite-sized training

Self-paced, on-demand training that can be customized to the languages and frameworks your developers use, as well as the vulnerabilities most affecting you. Developers can browse through and complete learning content from one of the most extensive libraries out there.
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"40% of organizations surveyed claimed that they were able to reduce/eliminate 11%-20% of common vulnerabilities that were present in their code."

Embrace developer-driven secure coding

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