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We champion change in secure coding

It is known that the same 10 software vulnerabilities have caused more security breaches in the last 20+ years than any others. And yet, many businesses will still opt for the post-scan, post-breach, post-event remediation approach; muddling through the human and business ramifications of it all.

So in this world where code is at the heart of everyday interactions - from Banking to Healthcare; Transport to Retail, or to forward thinking Governments around the world - Secure Code Warrior raise our (metaphorical) shields against this attitude, preferring instead to pioneer a human-led approach that uncovers the secure developer inside every coder.

We make increasing a developer's secure coding skills a positive and engaging experience. That makes us the developer-chosen solution. We are successful because we take that human-led approach with our Learning Platform, providing positive skills-based pathways for developers in the language:framework of their choice.

We also recognize that timely and relevant security knowledge for developers is essential to the success of DevSecOps, and our Developer Tools and Integrations enable you to provide your development and security teams with contextual and hyper-relevant learning within their preferred workflow, empowering them to not just find vulnerabilities, but gain the knowledge and skills to fix them - preventing them from occurring in the first place.

Through inspiring a global community of security-conscious developers to embrace this preventative secure coding approach, our mission is to pioneer a human-led, people-first solution to security upskilling; stamping out poor coding patterns and those 10 common vulnerabilities (and of course, the others too) for good.

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