Hdiv Security

Hdiv Security delivers continuous security that natively integrates into all stages of the software lifecycle (SDLC), automating application security. Hdiv’s Unified Application Security platform accurately finds security vulnerabilities and protects applications, microservices, and APIs from a broad range of attacks and exploits, including those that can be considered design flaws. Leveraging IAST, SCA and RASP technologies, Hdiv Security incorporates application security automatically into DevOps pipelines.


Hdiv have implemented a technical integration with Secure Code Warrior in their cloud-based and on-premises Hdiv Detection (IAST) UI and the Hdiv Developer Toolbar. These integrations enable continuous and contextual developer learning by embedding highly relevant Secure Code Warrior explainer videos into findings presented via their Hdiv platform. 

No configuration is required to make use of this integration and it is available to all users of the Hdiv platform.

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