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Devlympics 2023

The international secure coding championship

17-18 October 2023

in the arena

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Discover the breadth and depth of learning content we provide.

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Choose to compete in Web, API, Cloud, Front End, Mobile and/or Mashup tournaments

Find and fix vulnerabilities

Play hands-on coding challenges and missions against the clock

Choose how to play

Compete in your choice of programming, scripting, and configuration languages

Be crowned the ultimate warrior

Code your way to the top of the leaderboard (and stay there!)

Win prizes

Win some awesome cash prizes
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For anyone with coding skills

Our leading Agile Learning Platform gives developers the ability to learn how they want, with the most complete, relevant, and reliable security fix content in the industry today.

Ultimate Warrior

Difficulty Level: Easy to  Fiendishly Hard

The Ultimate Warrior Arena features tournaments covering API, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Front-End, Mashups and a newly introduced Boss Level!

Devlympics welcomes developers from all levels of expertise. From easy to hard, you’ll get to showcase your expertise while accumulating the most amount of points to be crowned The Ultimate Warrior.

Compete in the arena of your chosen framework for Gold, Silver, or Bronze. As your confidence grows, try multiple language:frameworks for more chances to win.

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