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Did you know that 85% of all software security exploits are attributed to just 10 known vulnerabilities?

Supported Languages

The Secure Code Warrior Learning Platform is built on an extensive library of content covering more than 50 language: framework-specific categories, including; Front-end Web, Mobile, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), Back-end and API's.Framework specific training is critical to ensure developers learn about the exact APIs and folder, code structure that the specific framework uses to build secure software. Without training in a specific frameworks, developers may fix something that is discouraged using the said framework.

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ABAP training content is ready with 32 challenges across 14 vulnerability categories.

PHP Laravel

PHP Laravel is available with 45 challenges (around 3.5-hour worth of playtime) across 26 vulnerability categories.


RPG:Basic is available with 18 playable challenges.


C:Embed covers 30 common vulnerability categories. Its code snippet and vulnerability categories are all embed-focus, while C:Basic is more web-focus.


C++:Embed covers 20 common vulnerability categories. Its code snippet and vulnerability categories are all embed-focus, while C++:Basic is more web-focus.


Typescript is ready with 20 Challenges across 11 vulnerability categories.


Bash: Basic is available with 30 playable challenges.

PHP Basic

PHP is available with 36 challenges across 20 categories.

Java: Enterprise Edition (JSP)

JavaServer Pages (JSP) are available with 476 challenges across 58 categories, including all OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.


Powershell has been added with 30 challenges

Salesforce Apex

Salesforce Apex is now available with 48 challenges across 26 vulnerabilities.


Javascript: Basic is now available with 45 challenges across 15 vulnerabilities.
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Supported Frameworks

Over 150 vulnerabilities covered

Our constantly-expanding content library has over 60 language frameworks and covers over 150 types of security vulnerabilities, in more than 8000 coding challenges.

Insufficient Transport Layer Protection (Mobile)
Cross-site Request Forgery
Improper Assets Management
Reverse Engineering
Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting
XML External Entities (XXE)
Mass Assignment
Insecure Data Storage
Sensitive Data Storage
Server-side Request Forgery
Extraneous Functionality
Code Tampering
Client Code Quality
Improper Platform Usage
Lack of Binary Protections
Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
Client Side Injection
Broken Cryptography
Vulnerable Components
Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
Side Channel Vulnerability
Information Exposure
Unintended Data Leakage
Unvalidated Redirects & Forwards
Memory Corruption
Injection Flaws
File Upload Vulnerability
Denial of Service (DoS)
Insecure Authorization
Insecure Authentication
Improper Session Handling
Session Handling
Cross-site Request Forgery
Security Misconfiguration
Insecure Cryptography
Business Logic
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Access Control
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