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Secure Code Warrior® adds Silicon Valley veteran Jim Pflaging to its Board of Directors

Published Sep 17, 2019


BOSTON, LONDON, SYDNEY - 17 September 2019: Global secure coding company, Secure Code Warrior®, today announced the addition of Jim Pflaging, a board director at several leading cyber security companies and other technology firms in North America and Europe, to its Board of Directors.

Pieter Danhieux, Secure Code Warrior CEO and Chairman, said, “Jim joins Secure Code Warrior at an exciting time of hyper-growth. We continue to exceed our goals in our focus markets, and Jim’s deep experience and standing in the AppSec and cyber security industry will help us further as we grow and expand our market leadership globally while accelerating our activities in North America.”

On his appointment, Jim said, “For many firms, their applications and online presence is the heart of their business. This why many say ‘software is eating the world’. Unfortunately, the experts who do this work are in short supply and rarely trained on the principles of secure coding. As a result, many applications have errors or vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. Soon, many will realize secure coding skills are central to delivering safe, reliable and secure software. After meeting with Pieter, the Secure Code Warrior team, and their customers, I became convinced Secure Code Warrior has the people, market opportunity, and technology to become a market-leading organisation.”

Jim added, “As businesses move to the cloud and rely on the internet to sell, source, and deliver goods and services, all industries, including banks, telcos, or health care providers are essentially becoming giant software houses. In this new world, building and maintaining compelling, safe, and reliable software becomes mission-critical. Secure Code Warrior provides the essential capability to train and develop software developers to ‘do it right the first time and every time.”

Based in Menlo Park, California, Jim has over 30 years of Silicon Valley experience, including 15 years as CEO of cyber security and data management companies. His advisory firm Cynergy Partners, Inc. is known for delivering rapid growth by translating cybersecurity and related technology, policy, and market dynamics into a competitive advantage.

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