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Secure Code Warrior platform integrates with global application security testing solution Fortify on Demand to deliver real-time security vulnerability training

Published Nov 13, 2017

Secure Code Warrior today announced the availability of its integration with Micro Focus Fortify, the first application security solution to be integrated with Secure Code Warrior’s new application programming interface (API).

With the integration of Fortify on Demand (FoD), the leading SaaS based AppSec solution, any vulnerabilities identified by FoD will now offer a direct link to a practical training module that teaches the developer why the problem happened, how to fix it, and, more importantly, how to prevent making the same mistake again. The developer can now take a very specific training that is directly applicable to their day-to-day work.

CTO of Secure Code Warrior, Matias Madou, Ph.D. said connecting application security platforms that find and fix vulnerabilities with vulnerability-specific training will break the rat race developers are currently operating in. “Teaching developers to understand security implications when writing code changes their role - enabling them to become the first line of security defense in their organization because they are preventing vulnerabilities from the start. It will not only help get security off their back but also gain confidence from management in their ability to write secure code,” said Madou.

“It is 30 times more expensive to detect and fix vulnerabilities in committed code than it is to prevent them when writing code in the IDE,” said Scott Johnson, Fortify Director of Product Management. “The Fortify and Secure Code Warrior integration provides a short and simple training approach with hands-on tests that keep security top of mind for every line of code that developers write.”

The Fortify and Secure Code Warrior Integration is available now on the Fortify Marketplace at

Secure Code Warrior platform is now available for integration with application security providers.

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