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Secure Code Warrior launches Walkthroughs, brings Missions to Courses to solidify intrinsic security

Published Nov 01, 2021

The integration of real-world coding simulations into Secure Code Warrior’s enterprise learning solution provides educational scaffolding for developers to level-up their secure coding skills

SYDNEY, BOSTON, LONDON, BRUGES – 1 November 2021: Global secure coding company, Secure Code Warrior®, has launched Walkthroughs and announced the integration of Missions into Courses, bolstering the guided learning pathways with hands-on coding simulations of real-world applications to ultimately foster developers’ security-first mindset.

Missions was officially integrated into Secure Code Warrior’s flagship Learning Platform in August 2020, following the acquisition of Iceland-based start-up Adversary earlier that year. Since, 85% of its customer base have embraced the hyper-relevant, offensive coding simulations of real-world software vulnerabilities, which challenge developers to experience the impact of poor code practices and solve vulnerabilities through secure coding in a safe environment.

The addition of Walkthroughs will further immerse developers in these real-world scenarios, providing context and explicit instructions to showcase the risk insecure code poses to organisations and their customers. 18 Walkthroughs have been added to Course templates for launch, including a simulation of the Apache Path Traversal Vulnerability and coverage of the 2021 OWASP Top 10 list.

Pieter Danhieux, Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior, said the addition of Missions and Walkthroughs to Courses has levelled up the organisation’s offering to provide developer education that embeds intrinsic security.

“Missions is a hands-on, offensive simulation of what coders face in their day-to-day development. By practising in scenarios that are as close to real-world situations as possible, our coders are able to recognise security flaws and combat them in real-time,” Danhieux said.

“With the addition of Walkthroughs and Missions to Courses, we have elevated our unique, scaffolded approach to developer education. Developers at every stage are able to progressively upskill in their preferred language:framework and build critical skills that are transferable to the code-base they use every day, enabling our customers to release quality, secure code faster.”

Maria Morris, an Application Security Engineer at Blue Prism, who has been trialling the new Missions in Courses offering, said, “it helps developers understand how attacks can occur without the right protections in place and brings to life the reasons why we need to be secure.”

49 missions covering common security vulnerabilities are available in 42 language:frameworks, all of which are based on real-world scenarios like the cyber-attacks and security breaches Facebook, WhatsApp, GitHub and high-profile banks have faced.

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