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Secure Code Warrior begins its journey to become StateRAMP Authorized, supporting US State and Local governments

Published Oct 29, 2021

Boston, Sydney, London – 29 October 2021: Global secure coding experts Secure Code Warrior® is strengthening its relationships with the US government by recently becoming StateRAMP Active, the first step to becoming a certified StateRAMP Authorized Vendor

As a firm advocate of US state and local governments’ efforts to improve cybersecurity, Secure Code Warrior is committed to providing government agencies and contractors with secure code training that is intrinsic to developer workflows. Secure Code Warrior already supports government agencies and departments around the globe to enable developer teams to write secure code, at speed, and eliminate recurring vulnerabilities from their critical software.  

As per, “The StateRAMP Authorized Vendor List gives governments and procurement officials confidence in their service provider’s data security capabilities and provides a central location for sourcing service providers using or offering IaaS, SaaS, and/or PaaS solutions that process, store, and/or transmit government data including PII, PHI, and/or PCI who are StateRAMP verified.”

Pieter Danhieux, CEO and Co-Founder of Secure Code Warrior, said they fully support StateRAMP’s mission to promote best practices in cybersecurity through “education, advocacy, and policy development”.

“Educating the developer community to improve software security is embedded into our DNA”, Danhieux said. “With Biden’s Executive Order (EO) earlier this year, we have been encouraged to see that a world governing body is looking at developers as a source of cyber defense. The EO, among other things, specifically calls out the need for developers to have verified security skills and adherence to stringent best practices. We have known for a long time that developers need more comprehensive training and tools to become that defensive front line, and it’s good to see the sentiment forming in legislation. We’re delighted to have started our StateRAMP journey and look forward to supporting state and local governments to improve their cybersecurity posture.”

Secure Code Warrior can help fulfill security training requirements needed to achieve compliance with industry and information security standards and regulations, including NIST, PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10, and ISO 27001 and simultaneously empower developers to write secure code. 

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