We uncover the secure developer inside every coder.

Let’s empower developers to deliver secure coding that is intrinsic to their daily process.

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We're champions of change in secure coding

Let’s empower developers to deliver secure coding that is intrinsic to their daily process.

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What we do

Secure Code Warrior makes secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as they increase their software security skills. With our flagship Learning Platform, we guide each coder along their own preferred learning pathway, so that security-skilled developers become the everyday superheroes of our connected world.

We succeed through a human approach that uncovers the secure developer inside of every coder - helping development teams ship quality code faster, so they can focus on creating amazing, safe software for our world.

How we can help you

Exceed industry standard security compliance

Many of our customers are driven by compliance requirements and often these requirements are mandatory - resulting in financial penalties or downtime for organizations that don't comply. Secure Code Warrior helps our customers in their journey to achieving compliance or alignment with PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27001 and OWASP.

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Supercharge product release velocity

Velocity of deployment is critical because it's literally survival for an organization. DevOps increases an organization's ability to deploy software and services faster and provides many advantages for any company that wants to stay competitive in today's fast-paced world. Build quality software from the start with Secure Code Warrior.

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Release quality code faster with security-aware developers

Quality code means less rework and improved productivity, ultimately saving time and money.  Organizations want security-aware developers, and Secure Code Warrior delivers them by providing continuous learning opportunities, benchmarking, and other tools to strengthen the entire Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC).

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Solutions for every team

As the number of cyber-threats continues to grow, organizations are making daily trade offs between security, practicality and speed.  Nobody wants to be front-page news for the latest data-breach, and organizations can't afford to lose business.
Secure Code Warrior 'starts left' in the software development process -- empowering developers to have the skills and tools to create quality code from the very start.

Learning & Development

Modern organizations are hyper-connected yet hyper-vulnerable – and security-skilled developers are in short supply. With our unrivaled depth of content, contextual training developers love, and proven customer success program, we can help you create a learning and development strategy that will fill your secure coding talent pool with security superheroes. Fast!

Security Teams

How do you get developers to start caring about security? Make it part of the way they think and code every day. Secure Code Warrior's Learning Platform offers a developer-first secure coding approach that is hyper-relevant to their everyday work and inspires them to want to learn, embedding security into their DNA.


Reduce risk, achieve regulatory compliance and prevent common software vulnerabilities before they become tomorrow’s news. In a world where threats continue to multiply, Secure Code Warrior helps innovative CISOs orchestrate a robust security culture, from the top down.

Engineering Teams

Elevate your team's secure coding performance, reduce rework, and generate quality code to nail release deadlines. With the hyper-relevant knowledge and coaching tools, Secure Code Warrior equips your team to code securely from planning all the way through your SSDLC, so you can reduce recurring vulnerabilities and ship quality code with confidence every time.

Testimonials across industries

"I want to learn something so it sticks, and that I can apply to other scenarios appropriately. That would be Secure Code Warrior."

Senior Staff Software Engineer @ ForgeRock

"Secure Code Warrior has helped us educate developers and reduce the number of vulnerabilities."

Security Analyst, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

"SCW has helped us greatly in achieving PCI-DSS compliance. Its certification program helps us identify 'security champions' for project staffing."

CISO @ Netcetera AG
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"81% of Financial Services organizations agreed that “The Secure Code Warrior platform provided a complete all-in-one enterprise solution for addressing our training and secure coding needs."

Financial Services

"Secure Code Warrior® has brought forward an innovative approach to the dilemma of training developers."

Global 500 Bank

"Secure Code Warrior’s use of gamification has helped us emphasize the importance of secure coding in a refreshingly fun and engaging way."

Software Engineer, Global 500 Financial Services Company
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"Secure Code Warrior has helped us achieve our secure coding goals by better security knowledge in DevOps teams."

Security Tester, Global 500 Insurance Company

"The tool has elevated the overall collective secure coding knowledge of developers and has helped us demonstrate secure coding training activity from regulatory, compliance, and customer-demand perspectives."

Manager, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company

"Efficient training at scale."

IT Security Manager, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company
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"Secure Code Warrior helped me achieve my secure coding goals by giving me learning at my pace and excitement due to gamification."

Director, Medium Enterprise Hospitality Company

"It has allowed us to make teams aware of the importance of security in all phases of a project, and it has also helped us to carry out security training plans for the different roles within the development teams."

Security Analyst, Global 500 Retail Company

"The Secure Code Warrior portal is a great platform to learn about security vulnerabilities across multiple technologies. It is both, interesting and interactive."

Security Tester, Small Business Retail Company
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"Secure Code Warrior is fantastic. To start, it has helped us comply with customer requirements to provide secure development training to our developers, though our benefit doesn’t stop at compliance."

Head of Security @ Komodo Health

"With Secure Code Warrior, we can ensure secure coding remains at the forefront of our developer’s minds (and fingertips) while instituting a more security-conscious organization overall. I have seen vulnerability remediation happening as a direct result of rolling out Secure Code Warrior training."

Head of Security @ Komodo Health

"The training modules are excellent and have helped us a lot in terms of compliance and reduction in security defects."

Sr. Director - Development, Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company
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"Secure Code Warrior has helped us identify risks during development to reduce security debt."

Security Analyst, Global 500 Metals & Mining Company

"Every organization wants to attract top talent, and one of the ways we are doing this is by offering career pathways and training. Even during the interview process, we show prospective candidates Secure Code Warrior as a perk of the job, and they're often excited to see this type of training. It is one of the ways we are attracting security-aware talent."

Security Architect @ SBB: Swiss Federal Railways

"It is vital that our organization is security-focused, and getting our developers in the mindset of security from a coding, build and testing perspective was key to the plan in my department. I really do think that people were excited about the event, and the Secure Code Warrior platform had a lot to do with that."

Lead Tester @ FINRA
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