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Our agile learning platform empowers developers to reduce vulnerabilities by 53%

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Our hands-on Learning Platform empowers developers to build secure software from the start of the development lifecycle.


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Choose between self-paced learning, creating customized curriculums, assessing skills, or running a tournament with relevant, engaging secure code learning.
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& assess coding skills

Develop, assess, and enhance your security framework using the SCW Trust Score. Alternatively, gauge your team's secure coding abilities and evaluate potential new hires through detailed assessments and tournaments.
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Integrate with your preferred workflow

Boost developer productivity with a unified tech stack. Warrior Connect software integrations empower your developers with secure development resources integrated in the tools they use every day.
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The leading secure code learning platform

Secure Code Warrior builds a culture of security-driven developers by giving them the skills  to code securely. Our Learning Platform delivers relevant hands-on missions, and contextual tools for developers.
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Why choose Secure Code Warrior

Secure coding benefits more than just the developers who the write code.

Achieve Compliance
Achieve compliance
Fulfill the security benchmarks required for compliance and reduce developer skill gaps.
Achieve compliance
Increase Productivity
Increase productivity
Interactive micro-learning integrated with you developers' native tools.
Increase productivity
Minimise Risk
Mitigate Risk
By embedding security into development process with agile learning principles.
Mitigate Risk
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Achieve ROI

Cut vulnerabilites by 53%

Secure coding at speed accelerates productivity by reducing rework and your backlog of technical debt.
  • Reduce risk of a breach
  • Minimize vulnerabilities
  • Secure your data
Achieve ROI
Who is it for?

Improve security across your business

Leading enterprise security professionals rely on Secure Code Warrior's developer-centric training platform to empower secure software development.

"With Secure Code Warrior we found that there was a much better relationship between our security team and our developers, and it really felt like we were working together as a team on the program. We are continuing to expand and scale the security maturity program, building on the success we have already enjoyed."

Alex Schuchman, CISO at Colgate- Palmolive
Learn how Colgate-Palmolive built their C-Suite program with SCW here.

"I honestly would say that we would not have been able to get this far and build out a kind of a program that has this level of maturity in terms of different layers or dev team across different technologies without the support of Secure Code Warrior."

Mads Howard, People-Centered Security Lead at Sage
Learn how Sage built their Security program with SCW here.

"With Secure Code Warrior, you can stay ahead and take a proactive approach to mitigate that potential chain of vulnerabilities through agile secure code learning."

Derek Fisher, Head of Product Security at Envestnet
Learn how Envestnet built their Engineering program with SCW here.
SCW Trust Score

An industry-first benchmark that quantifies the impact of your secure coding program

SCW Trust Score provides organizations with a data-driven measurement of the effectiveness of their security program.
  • Benchmark your performance against your peers
  • Identify and optimize your organization’s security posture with actionable insights
  • Builds on more than 20-million learning data points from 600+ companies and 250,000 learners.
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