TechMatrix was founded as Nichimen Data Systems Co., Ltd., a strategic subsidiary of the Sales division of Nichimen Corporation (currently Sojitz Corporation) in 1984.


We operate in two main business domains. The first is the Information Infrastructure business, where we provide cutting-edge integration services for information infrastructure technology.

The second is the Application Services business, where long-standing expertise is implemented to provide applications that resolve issues faced by clients. In these ways we support clients engaging in business model reform and help them to enhance their competitiveness.

In software quality assurance field, leveraging the latest technologies and extensive support experience, we deliver safety and speed to the frontlines of software development. To rapidly develop software requiring superior safety, such as for automobiles or medical devices, or software involving data coordination, such as for digital transformation (DX) or microservices, there is a need for comprehensive, high-volume testing and debugging to be carried out within a short period of time.

We provide solutions for a wide range of needs, including developmental support tools that improve productivity and quality as well as bug detection during software development, automated testing, impact assessment, security weakness detection, project and test management, and CI/CD and DevOps tool environments in cloud infrastructure.

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