True DevSecOps requires a unified approach to software security risk detection and developer security training. Secure Code Warrior embeds secure code learning among the risk insight provided by Synopsys AST solutions, helping developers write secure code from the start and quickly fix issues detected throughout the SDLC.

"Teaching software teams to code with secure programming techniques at the start of the development cycle mitigates vulnerability risk. Through these direct integrations and AI capabilities within our platform, organizations that use Synopsys’ Developer Security Training powered by Secure Code Warrior are putting developers and engineers in better positions to thrive and be security-capable in ways that matter most to their businesses."

Pieter Danhieux, CEO and Co-Founder of Secure Code Warrior

Integrate secure coding education for DevSecOps

The easiest software security risks to fix are the ones that never advance through the SDLC, avoided when writing code and resolved at the developer desktop. Automatically associate secure code learning with results generated by Coverity® SAST, Seeker® IAST, and Software Risk Manager, and deliver the most risk- relevant security training directly to developers via issue management workflows and the Code Sight IDE plugin.

Teams using Synopsys Developer Security Training, powered by Secure Code Warrior, can reduce software security risks from the start and accelerate time to remediation for issues detected at stages across the SDLC and CI/CD pipelines.

Together, Synopsys and Secure Code Warrior provide the most complete, integrated solution that establishes a scalable, closed-loop strategy for secure DevOps.

Solving real software security issues together, earlier, faster

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