Snyk is an open source security platform designed to help software-driven businesses enhance developer security. Snyk's dependency scanner makes it the only solution that seamlessly and proactively finds, prioritizes and fixes vulnerabilities and license violations in open source dependencies and container images.


Snyk and Secure Code Warrior

The more context developers have for the vulnerabilities, the more they’re able to understand the risks, prioritize fixing the most pressing issues, and ultimately preventing them in the first place. That’s where Secure Code Warrior® comes in. Our mission is to empower developers to write secure code from the very beginning through fun, engaging, and framework-specific training, helping them think and code with a security mindset to achieve rapid improvements in security compliance, consistency, quality, and development speed.

Secure Code Warrior® has built a GitHub Action that brings contextual learning to GitHub code scanning. This means you can use the Snyk Container Action to find vulnerabilities, and then augment the output with hyper-relevant learning from Secure Code Warrior. When combined, not only does Snyk show the details about the vulnerability, but then Secure Code Warrior helps to build a developer’s secure coding knowledge and skills.

“Snyk and Secure Code Warrior have a joint focus on helping developers reduce the impact of software vulnerabilities by increasing the security awareness and skills of developers. Combining Snyk's security technology with training solutions from Secure Code Warrior helps developers more easily build secure applications with confidence,” said Gareth Rushgrove, Director of Product Management, Snyk.

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