Mend SAST and Secure Code Warrior® integrate within the developer's code repository, facilitating a streamlined, 'shift-left' implementation of security procedures and best practices with every code commit directly from the repository. This means that developers can review critical security issues, consult helpful security training material and guidance, and commit code fixes from a single, preferred development environment.

"’s integration with Secure Code Warrior provides developers with the agile learning and educational experiences to facilitate secure coding practices while simplifying the developer workflow,” helps educate developers about security, encourages good practices, and drives their adoption by simplifying and facilitating access and use within developers’ workflow. Organizations that use Mend SAST with Secure Code Warrior are empowering their developer teams to provide security at scale where it matters most. We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Mend to empower more developers and their businesses around the world."

Pieter Danhieux, Co-founder & CEO, Secure Code Warrior

Integrate secure coding education for DevSecOps

Mend offers an array of advanced security capabilities designed to improve the efficiency of AppSec engineering and DevOps processes in enterprises, and to automate prioritization, triage and remediation processes. Together, Mend SAST and Secure Code Warrior enable enterprises to reduce overall AppSec risk by providing developers with the means needed for fast, secure and efficient code delivery.  

Enterprises can dramatically reduce overall AppSec risk by providing developers with the means enabling them to easily understand the severity of detected security vulnerabilities, and address them in the most effective and efficient manner. This includes training material clarifying encountered security issues, explaining how to fix them, and providing suggested remediation examples. Providing such capabilities and tools in the developers' preferred environment enables them to conveniently review and assess security issues with every code commit and fix them as early as possible. 

The integration of Mend SAST and Secure Code Warrior offers developers highly effective training and remediation guidance within their code repositories that helps the organization realize better development agility, higher productivity, and better secure code delivery.

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