We get it. You're here because you want to start left but maybe you don't know where to begin? And we want you to start left because we want you to think and act with a secure coding mindset; without needing to become a security expert. We ultimately want you to ship secure code with confidence - and we can help you learn how to do it.

Secure Code Warrior makes it fast and fun for you, and developers like you, to write secure code from the beginning, and to measure and improve your secure coding skills. Our online portal provides the tools and knowledge you need to write secure code from the beginning - making security highly visible and making learning fun with our gamified secure coding challenges.

We’ve designed and built our platform to be fun, competitive and engaging. Whether undertaking hands-on training and assessments, competing in secure coding Tournaments or being aided by a real-time guidance solution, our approach will help you become a recognized first line of defense for your company’s code.

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What's in it for you?


We tap into your natural spirit of competition through game-based secure coding challenges designed to encourage teamwork and make learning more fun. Our gamified platform has leader boards and configurable point systems. Our real-time guidance solution helps you identify and fix secure coding issues in real-time. The more you use the tools in our platform, the better you’ll become at secure coding, and you can measure your results along the way.


Benchmarking your own results against those of other developers within the same team, company or industry can help you understand and showcase how your skills measure up. You can view your own Secure Code Warrior scorecard to know your key strengths and indicate areas where additional training would be useful. “Learn-by-doing” activities focus on common software vulnerabilities to enhance your individual secure code development skills.


With Secure Code Warrior’s real-time guidance solution, you can write secure code more consistently and faster; learning secure coding while you work. In the same way a spell-checker might assist authors, it helps coders to be aware of, and adhere to, secure coding recipes; instantly highlighting how ‘bad code’ can be turned into ‘good code’ that is secure, and helps you code in a way that is more consistent, faster, and avoids security bugs.


85% of exploited vulnerabilities are attributed to just 10 known vulnerabilities – the OWASP Top 10. Secure Code Warrior’s self-paced learning content covers over 50 different vulnerability types including OWASP Top 10. Our hands-on challenges are continuously revised and updated for new coding frameworks and vulnerability types. View full list of supported languages and vulnerabilities.