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Partner deal registration terms and conditions

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Terms & Conditions

By submitting this Deal Registration Form (“Deal Registration”) and in consideration of SCW’s agreement to permit Partners resale of the SCW Offerings in accordance with either (a) the Master Partner Agreement and/ or Reseller agreement; or (b) Partner's referral of SCW to a prospective End User, between you and the SCW entity (defined below) pursuant to any approved Deal Registration, you:

  1. agree to the following terms and conditions (Partner Deal Registration Terms) as an authorised representative of the company identified as the Reseller or Partner below;
  2. represent and warrant that You are authorized to register the Deal Registration; and
  3. acknowledge and agree that You will be responsible for the acts and omissions of any individual who submits a Deal Registration on its behalf. If You are either not able or not authorised to submit the and Deal Registration accept the Deal Registration Terms, please Do Not Submit.

1. Definitions

All references to “SCW” herein will be deemed to be a reference to the applicable SCW entity as follows:

SCW Entity

Location of End Users

Governing Law

Secure Code Warrior Limited Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) England and Wales
Secure Code Warrior Pty Limited Asia-Pacific region New South Wales
Secure Code Warrior, Inc. Americas New York

Authorized Territory means the territory set out in Annexure A of the Reseller Schedule within which Partner is authorized to resell SCW Offerings to End Users;

End User means a customer who purchases Product(s) and/or Services from Partner, or SCW in the case of a referral Partner, for the personal or business use of such customer and not for transfer or resale or the provision of services to third parties; 

SCW Offerings mean the SCW products and services listed in the SCW Price List for Partner’s Authorized Territory; 

SCW Partner Program means the SCW Partner Program available on the Partner Portal, as amended and updated from time to time by SCW; 

SCW Price List means the then current list prices for SCW Offerings  as published by SCW on the SCW Partner Portal, which SCW may amend in its sole discretion from time to time.

2. Expiration/Termination 

A Deal Registration is only valid until the date that is:

  • (a) For Resellers: one hundred and eighty (180) days; or 
  • (b) For Referrals: ninety (90) days from the date the Deal Registration is approved by SCW (and unless otherwise agreed in writing).

The process for SCW’s approval or rejection of the Deal Registration is set out in the terms of the Reseller Schedule and as otherwise outlined on the SCW Partner Portal.

3. Pricing 

From the date of approval of the Deal Registration, and subject to Partner’s compliance with the terms of the SCW Partner Program, and or the Master Partner Agreement, Reseller may purchase the SCW Offerings in this Deal Registration and resell the same to the End User. Subject to the terms of the Reseller Schedule, Reseller, and End Users must independently negotiate pricing.

4. Partner’s Warranties and Obligations

Partner represents and warrants that it has obtained any consents, approvals and other authorizations necessary for the performance of its obligations under this Deal Registration; and that it will comply with all applicable laws in relation to its activities under the Deal Registration Terms.

5. General Provisions

Any notice or demand under the Deal Registration must be in writing and will be deemed given three (3) business days after it is sent by registered or certified mail to the address provided in the Partner Agreement.

6.  Governing Law

The Governing Law is as described in the definitions.

The parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) does not apply to this Deal Registration.

7.  Conflict Resolution

In the event of a conflict between the Deal Registration, the terms pursuant to an executed Reseller and or Referral Agreement between SCW and Partner, the terms of the Reseller and/ or Referral Agreement prevail with respect to such conflict.

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