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Our fun, competitive and engaging training equips developers to think and act with a security mindset every day. It is 100% hands-on and confronts the developer with different vulnerabilities in diverse code samples.

Our platform enables developers to view their progress throughout their journey. They can see which challenges they have completed, their strengths and weaknesses, time spent on training and their accuracy. The gamified aspect of the platform offers hints and allows developers to earn points and collect badges, with anonymized leaderboards for teams.

We are constantly expanding and updating the platform. Our platform currently has hundreds of short challenges, covering over 50 common vulnerabilities, including the OWASP top 10. We are also constantly updating our suite of languages and frameworks, and creating new challenges daily. See below for our full list of languages and frameworks.

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Build secure coding skills with interactive language:framework specific coding challenges. Grow awareness in identifying vulnerabilities and how they work, level up skills in locating vulnerabilities during code review, and finally, understand how to mitigate and fix the vulnerability.

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Train in the language and framework that you code in everyday.

Secure Code Warrior offers the largest framework specific content library in the World with over 4,900 challenges, across 44 language:framework-specific categories, covering more than 147 vulnerability types.
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