Increase productivity

Send developer productivity through the roof

Increase developer productivity by providing them with tools that go beyond boring training to write code securely, from the start.

Why secure code Warrior

Get your developers up to speed and to prioritize code security.

Upskill developers
Enhance your developers’ security training in the language and frameworks developers use every day.
Reduce rework
Avoid fixing security bugs by writing secure code at the beginning of the software development life cycle.
Ship features faster
Minimizing vulnerabilities reduces rework and means more secure features are shipped faster.

Create an engaging secure code learning environment

Up-skill your developers with dynamic and flexible learning that helps them avoid rework and recurring code vulnerabilities. Our secret to increasing developer productivity is a unique learning platform that empowers developers to write secure code from the beginning of the software development lifecycle. Secure Code Warrior’s learning paths include customizable Courses, self-paced Training, Assessments, and Tournaments that focus on building developers’ secure coding skills.
Learning Platform
Increase productivity & more

When productivity skyrockets, so do these:

Engage developers

Developers want to be engaged, but it’s difficult to do that with irrelevant and boring training. Get them excited about security with relevant, hands-on learning.

Increase skills

Developers also want to learn security. When given the right tools to learn in an engaging way, participation and retention skyrockets.

Improve satisfaction

Secure coding skills are in high demand. Identifying and nurturing security champions creates invaluable team members who take pride in their work.

Save money

Time is money. Reducing the time spent fixing security bugs means more secure features are shipped while simultaneously reducing costs and vulnerability risks.

Tools to supercharge quality coding.

Secure coding skills are in high demand. Identifying and nurturing security champions creates invaluable team members who take pride in their work.


Help developers experience the impact of a breach

Get your team engaged in learning software security through hands-on Missions. Put developers in the shoes of the hacker so they see first hand the impact of insecure code. Understand how to penetrate software vulnerabilities to avoid them.
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Encourage friendly competition

Kick-off your security training for developers through a Tournament. Tournaments allow developers to show off their security skills, allowing the organization to identify security champions to foster a software security culture.
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Self-Paced Training

Build skills rapidly with bite-sized training

Training can be customized to the languages and frameworks developers use everyday and the vulnerabilities most affecting your organization.
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Secure Code Warrior integrates into your preferred workflow

Take productivity to the next level and integrate Secure Code Warrior into the tools developers use



Ensure your teams are delivering quality and secure software without sacrificing release velocity. Our Warrior Connect integrations enable developers to code securely with learning that integrates into the tools they love and use every day.
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