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Capture and Distribute Code Quality Guidelines, and Fix Security Flaws in Real Time.

Sensei helps developers capture, and distribute code quality guidelines to the rest of the team. Developers can create recipes for common anti-patterns which a team wants to avoid and provide different fixes for alternative ways of doing what the code is trying to accomplish. This ensures that developers identify, and fix issues in real-time, making the code review process faster.

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Leading dev teams use Sensei to release quality code faster

Sensei empowers developers with a secure coding solution directly in their IDE, so that they can share their software knowledge, increase their team’s efficiency and improve secure coding practices by suggesting guidance that breaks the cycle of recurring poor coding practices.

Leverage organizational knowledge

Empower your team to grow together and share knowledge that helps them improve their craft

Increase developers Efficiency and skill

Help your developers get stuff done with real-time coaching, so they learn in context, and stay in flow

Improve Code Quality and ship faster

Improve your code quality and security of your applications with flexible recipes that can target code patterns unique to your organisation

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Sensei not only helps developers write code according to guidelines created by the team, thus avoiding code quality and security issues. It also ensures that developers learn about the guideline going forward, and builds understanding of why the code should be changed, and what it should be changed to.


Sensei distributes coding recipes to your team. Flexible repository options to share recipes and coding guidelines across engineering teams. Knowledge becomes standardized and shared, saving time and effort.


Mistakes happen, even for the best of developers. Sensei prompts the developer when a piece of code triggers a recipe, showing the developer why they should review this piece of code more in-depth. And if the recipe has a quick fix, the developer can apply the quick fix in a single click, bringing the code in-line with the guidelines.

Build smarter, faster and together

Use Sensei with your next project and experience how easy you can clone your coding gurus

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