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Secure Code Warrior recognized as one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2021 by The Software Report

Published Dec 22, 2021

SYDNEY, BOSTON, LONDON, BRUGES - 22 December, 2021: Secure Code Warrior has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2021 by The Software Report.

A long-standing concern for businesses across every imaginable industry, cybercrime is growing in complexity and ingenuity, and presents the threat of bringing business to a standstill. This year’s top cybersecurity companies are committed to providing the most cutting-edge protection solutions for their valued customers. As businesses increasingly dedicate operational power to their digital transformation ambitions, cybersecurity solutions keep critical data safe while mitigating further risk and lightening the burden for internal IT professionals.

Though cybersecurity is a united front that puts client protection above all else, within the sector lay a number of sub-specialties that offer specific solutions. Be it data loss prevention (DLP), bot protection, or threat intelligence software, the industry must keep pace due to the advancements in and multifaceted nature of online hazards. Moreover, ambitious expansion of availability and operations is an equally important factor of cybersecurity success.

Hundreds of nomination submissions were evaluated, and this year’s awardees stood out for their dominance in their respective cybersecurity categories in addition to the resounding feedback from industry professionals. Also taken into consideration were the demonstrated effectiveness of their leadership teams as well as each organization’s ability to establish a positive, inclusive working environment.

"We are honored to be celebrated among so many esteemed peers doing great things for the industry, allowing more organizations to mitigate risk and reduce devastating cyber incidents. said Secure Code Warrior CEO and Co-Founder, Pieter Danhieux. "This is a welcome boost for our unrelenting mission to help every company create safer, high-quality code through the power of security-aware developers."

Please join The Software Report in recognizing the achievements of The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2021. To find out more about how Secure Code Warrior is securing the software that does amazing things in the world, visit


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