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Help Net Security: Cybersecurity industry analysis: Another recurring vulnerability we must correct

Published Jun 01, 2021
by Pieter Danhieux

There is no question that staying ahead of the trends in application security technology is beneficial and can even help prioritize upgrades or consolidations in a bloated tech stack. But to forgo targeting the root cause of vulnerable software – we mere humans – is going to keep us on the losing side of the cybersecurity battlefront. If we want to get serious about decreasing the number of code-level security vulnerabilities, then developers need to be given the foundations to succeed in sharing responsibility for security.

They need relevant, hands-on education and on-the-job upskilling, and functional tooling that doesn’t disrupt their workflow, or make security a chore to develop. Ideally, some tools would be developer-centric, built with their user experience front-of-mind...

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