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Computer Weekly MicroScope: If Levity creates an artificial intelligence DIY boom, we’ll all be laughing

According to Matias Madou, CTO and cofounder of Secure Code Warrior, the transformation from no clue to no code programming could be very dangerous for the DIY AI crowd.

In terms of digital journeys, this will be the IT version of a herd of wildebeest, migrating across the digital plains of Cyber Serengeti, while mobs of hacking hyenas and online alligators lay in wait at every crossing.

There is a direct correlation between the adoption of low-code/no-code (LCNC) development platforms and the perceived security of these frameworks, according to Madou. It’s all down to how they are developed. “One vulnerability in the framework can be used to attack all apps created on that platform,” says Madou.

Confidence can only be restored by transparency over how the LCNC framework was developed. Madou says that “hopefully” this will be done with security in mind by “security-skilled developers”. Maybe he’s right. Who knows?

It’s hard not to sympathise with professional people who want to take control of their own area of expertise, rather than put it in the hands of some uppity data scientist. The upshot is that it’ll create tons of work for the channel.