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Business Daily: The tech jargon terms to farewell, and new ones to welcome

Pieter Danhieux, Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior “In recent years, ‘training’ has cemented its place among the best business jargon out there. Cookie-cutter sessions are too often labelled as staff training, just to tick a box. In fast-paced, results-orientated environments, it’s easy to lose sight of the training’s original purpose, which is to upskill and further develop a workforce. Here, the distinctions are important—training is an act, learning is the outcome, and the application of this learning is skill. “With a number of Aussie industries staring down the barrel of a major skills gap, business leaders can no longer afford not to maximise on the job ‘training’. In 2021, the focus must shift to providing valuable learning experiences that are designed to upskill and empower employees. “In the cybersecurity space—where the risks are great and businesses can’t afford to get it wrong—we’ve found a scaffolded approach to learning, coupled with hands-on experiences in a risk-free environment, creates the most effective outcomes. How will you upskill your workforce in 2021?
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