Stop worrying about vulnerabilities and start shipping better code, faster.

Empower your developers to become your first line of defense. Maximise the security potential of every developer, every day with Missions – interactive hands-on coding simulations of real-world apps that teach developers to:
Spot and fix bad code before it can do any damage to your reputation
Avoid rework due to insecure coding practices  and increase your team's efficiency.
Write secure code from the very beginning, and release faster.

Build a defensive security posture

Reduce risk, cost, and time to release by stopping vulnerabilities before they occur.

Missions are deeply immersive secure coding simulations  – kind of like a flight simulator for coders. A place they can experience the impact of bad code practices, vulnerabilities and experiment with different secure coding solutions in a safe environment.

With Missions, developers see:

When your code is vulnerable, so is your reputation. Missions facilitate faster feature delivery with fewer security issues.

Missions is a practical, hands-on exercise in identifying, locating and resolving potential security issues. Before this, learning to code securely was a trial and error process. Using real code and frameworks to demonstrate the consequences of insecure code shows engineers why they should work on secure code—all through a fun, interactive game interface
- Principal Engineer, Healthcare
The interactive simulations help you to identify security vulnerabilities in code challenge you to think critically and find the solution or multiple solutions. I’ve seen code through a new lens and being hands-on has brought so much joy!”
- Software Engineer, Financial Services
Missions’ problem-solving approach helps developers think and understand security vulnerabilities in-depth, and has increased our team’s ability to spot security vulnerabilities in code review.
- Security Expert, Insurance
Missions makes it easy to demonstrate how code can be compromised—a developer can view an app’s browser window and code on a single screen, they’re shown how an attacker could exploit vulnerabilities, and then do the exploit first-hand. I wish I’d had this several years ago!
- AppSec Manager, Financial Services

Getting it real in Security Defence

Proactively experience the impact of bad code.

Hands-on training where you can practice your secure coding skills on real-world applications, in a safe environment. See the impact of vulnerable code and experiment with different coding solutions to defend your code.

Systematically build and apply secure coding skills

Build secure coding muscle memory step-by-step with the practical application of live-code in real-world scenarios.

Fun and interactive, hands-on learning

Immersive code experience in hyper-relevant missions in the coders choice of language:framework increases  engagement

Build secure coding skills systematically

With Missions, developers learn by overcoming challenges in a pragmatic way. By completing hyper-relevant missions based on real-world scenarios, they gain a security-first mindset that helps prevent security issues in the first place.

Highly interactive developer-centric training

Security is not a game – but learning about it can be. With Missions, skills are not just learned once and forgotten but earned and embedded. This is about as far from boring, regular classroom-based training or passive CBT as you can get.

Stop worrying about code vulnerabilities and start shipping quality code, faster.

Increase developer efficiency and maximize product velocity with an all-in-one secure code learning solution that unifies teams and goals.

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