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Why companies use Secure Code Warrior

Why leading organizations use Secure Code Warrior?

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Excellent language and framework coverage

The depth and breadth of framework coverage is the divider between training and upskilling. Also, it gives more flexibility for enterprises. No matter how your team changes their tech stack, Secure Code Warrior almost always has your back. Secure Code Warrior covers a large volume of languages and frameworks across Web, Mobile, API, Cloud (IaC), Database, and Scripting.

all-in-one secure coding skills platform

From training on a specific challenge to curated learning pathway, from tracking progress to benchmarking developers for both resources allocation and hiring purposes, our platform covers them all. Deployed by the top global financial institutions, our automation features are stress-tested by enterprise developer teams and capable of supporting their journeys from awareness to compliance-ready and even beyond.

the education that developers want

Leverage our outstanding professional development opportunities to retain your hard-earned talents. Offer developers of all levels - beginner through expert - tailored experience according to their learning journey. Start with n00b-friendly videos then interactive code review challenges, and finally real-world coding simulations. They will never get bored and get support all the way to becoming a security champion.

achieve compliance with ease

Mature your regulatory compliance posture from awareness to metrics-based certification with Courses. Secure Code Warrior targets key compliance-focused areas that require more in-depth training. With our PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10, and other templates, you can build out curated learning paths for developers in minutes. Automated workflows, reminders, and reporting for audits like PCI-DSS or SOC-2 are all within your fingertips.

Global Customer Success team - At no extra cost!

Our world-class customer success team supports your need to individualize your training program (not available for small business/startup customers). Starting at kick-off, your dedicated Customer Success Manager helps you set-up and scale your security program effortlessly. Secure Code Warrior partners with you and your team to achieve your cyber-security program goals.

Guided learning pathways

The Secure Code Warrior Learning Platform provides curated learning paths (Courses)  with built-in OWASP top 10, PCI-DSS, Certification content templates in your choice of languages and helps developers to progressively upskill guided way.

privacy and security controls

With Secure Code Warrior you have full-control over your developers’ data anonymization. Protect and manage their individual privacy with simple administrative configurations

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"We use Secure Code Warrior® as our educational platform for developers to learn secure coding...
I would recommend Secure Code Warrior® as it is a fun tool and helps to keep developers engaged and actively thinking about security and code quality."

AppSec Manager, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

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