Personalise your Java secure coding coach to play by your rules

Think or look for recurring coding patterns that you encounter all the time

Use the recipe editor to create a pattern search

Harness your vast experience and knowledge to create fixes

Or get help from Secure Code Warrior's Learning Platform

Either way, give developers multiple secure fixes to choose from

Take pride in enabling developers to write secure code

With shorter code review feedback loop, teams ship quality code faster

And inspire secure coding = quality coding

Get a head start with starter recipes

Use as is or edit them to customize it to your organization.

Your recipes belong to you and developers benefit from the trusted fixes you create.

Coding guidelines are often tucked away in a document or wiki

Convert them to customized recipes to encourage compliance and speed up code review

Updates need to be distributed to teams frequently

Group recipes into cookbooks and distribute them easily via code repositories.

New developers take time to adopt the team or project's coding style

Onboard them faster with a recipe set to create quality code from the start
Spend less time reviewing code and more time improving developer productivity

Don't just find problems. Give solutions too.

Sensei does not just scan and reveal issues with no advice on how to resolve them.
Recipes can be configured to show more than one fix for a bad code pattern - giving developers multiple ways to remediate any given issue

Developers should not just rely on a tool to write quality code

As developers apply fixes, they learn to write good code from the start. To help them even further, you can link to learning resources that are relevant to fixed code - shown as a suggestion - and help understand why good code is written the way it is.

Use Cases

Varying code refactoring approaches prevent consistency

Pre-approved recipes enable quick but consistent refactoring across codebases. You can now restructure the code without breaking it and reduce technical debt with clean and human-readable code.

Code reviews are time-consuming, repetitive and frustrating

Capture common issues as recipes and suggest fixes.

Reduce feedback cycle times and help development teams focus on what they do best - write great functional code.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I write my own custom recipes and rules?

Where can I find tutorials, references and documentation?

Can Sensei recipes be run in continuous integration (CI)?

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Enforce your coding guidelines in real-time.

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