Vulnerabilities out. Secure code in.

Think of Sensei as your ever-present pair programmer that guides you to write secure and consistent quality code - as its created

Get hundreds of rules to get a head start

With ready-to-use recipes, you can start creating quality code straight out of the box - reducing your code review efforts and enabling faster code release

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Personlize the recipes to suit your coding style

Using the recipe editor, rules can be customized to work in varying situations - unique to you and the individuals you pair-program with

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Code analysis is local

All code scans are done within the IDE with no code snippets or binaries travelling over the network.

Makes the plugin safe, secure and super-fast

One-click fixes to transform violating code patterns

You no longer need to wait for scans to finish only to discover problems but no idea on how to solve it

Fixes are suggested as you type and with a mouse click, insecure or bad code can be replaced by a compliant snippet of code

Apply coding guidelines as recipes

Use customized recipes to ensure that written code is compliant with the coding guidelines for your team, project or organization

So that code reviews can focus on more important logic that matters

Want to know why or how a fix works for an insecure code snippet?

Recipes can trigger contextual learning opportunities from the Secure Code Warrior's Learning Platform to understand vulnerabilities in detail

Use Cases

Code reviews are essential but sometimes, frustrating

Proactively apply recipe fixes as you code

Write quality code from the start rather than as a reaction to a code review issue

Become a star-developer with a quality-first approach to coding

Varying code refactoring approaches prevent consistency

Pre-approved recipes enable quick but consistent refactoring across codebases

Restructure the code without breaking it with tried and tested recipes

Reduce technical debt with clean and readable code

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my code or personal information ever shared?

What programming languages and IDEs does Sensei Support?

Can I write my own custom recipes and rules?

Where can I find tutorials, references and documentation?

Can Sensei recipes be run in continuous integration (CI)?

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Enforce your coding guidelines in real-time.

Share your coding expertise and knowledge with your team, improve the quality of your codebase, and release quality code faster.

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