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Why leading organizations choose Secure Code Warrior?

Customers are making the smart switch from Codebashing to Secure Code Warrior for a longer lasting business impact. Talk to our consultants and make a difference today.

the broadest coverage of languages and frameworks

The depth and breadth of framework-specific training determines success of upskilling. It also gives more flexibility for enterprises in the long run. Codebashing provides 20 languages (aligned with their application security tools). While Secure Code Warrior supports 50 language:frameworks. No matter how your team changes their tech stack, Secure Code Warrior almost always has your back.

all-in-one secure code skills platform

Free-style training, guided pathway, tournaments, assessments, and reportings, all in one place. Deployed by the top global financial institutions, our automation features are stress-tested by large enterprises and are proved to a great partner that scales with the organization's growth. With the platform, you can take developers from awareness to compliance-ready and beyond.

Continuous engagement & better learning outcomes

Training is one-off and finite, yet upskilling is long-lasting and impactful. Our scaffolding training approaches include contents for all skill levels, from n00b-friendly videos to interactive challenges based on real-world situations. Developers will never get bored with the vast amount of contents and occasional team tournaments.

Reduce regulatory compliance burdens

Use our curated learning pathways aligned with mission-critical compliance requirements like PCI-DSS or SOC-2. Educate your developer and application security teams around specific vulnerabilities facing your IT stack. Our automated workflows, reminders, and reporting capabilities eliminate time-consuming compliance tasks and reduce operational costs.

Customer Success Manager with in-depth expertise

Both Checkmarx and Secure Code Warrior provide a dedicated customer success manager in the package. But Checkmarx CSMs spread their attention across all its product portfolios with a focus on SAST. Our experience with hundreds of customers in secure code training has provided us battle-proved roll-out plans. From onboarding to pilot, then all the way to building a secure coding culture, our CSMs have your back.

Don't take our word for it.
Hear what our customers say...

"1 in 2 organizations surveyed state that prior developer training programs were not interactive, contextual, or engaging. This led them to partner with Secure Code Warrior®."


Feature Comparison

Secure code warrior

Language and Framework Volume

Secure Code Warrior covers a large volume of languages and frameworks across Web, Mobile, API, Cloud (IaC), Database, and Scripting.

Interactive Training

Identify both problems and solutions in Training ground. Tackle real-world scenario issues in SCW’s coding simulations - Missions.

Metrics & Reports

Use the Metrics dashboard to gain immediate visibility into program effectiveness, and export reports to give auditors the information they need with one click of a button.

Contextual Training

Contextual training in your organization's issue tracker (Jira and Github), delivers training to your developers in their daily workflow minimising context switching -- increasing their productivity.

Guided Learning Pathways

Curated learning paths (Courses) provide you with built-in OWASP top 10 content templates in your choice of languages and helps developers to study in a clearly guided way.

Skill Assessments

Validate developers’ secure coding skills with Assessments. You can have assurance in training effectiveness down to a specific vulnerability or difficulty.

Skill Competitions

Build a secure coding culture or find out security champions by fun and competitive Tournaments. We have been building and enhancing this play mode for years, while Checkmarx only rolled out tournament-like features late 2020.

Open API

Powerful APIs enable you to automate the whole program from invitation to audit and reporting.

Customer Success Manager

Our CSMs can provide you with recommended roll-outs summarized from countless trials and errors in helping organizations to achieve success.

Data Privacy and Security Control

Have full-control over your developers’ data anonymization to protect their privacy with Secure Code Warrior’s Admin settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't take our word for it.
Hear what our customers say...

"Over half of organizations surveyed saw up to 10% reduction, elimination of common code vulnerabilities that were present in their code as a result of using the Secure Code Warrior skills platform."


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