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We secure software through developer-driven security at the start of the software development lifecycle.

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Where developers come to secure code.

We secure software through developer-driven security at the start of the software development lifecycle.

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Devlympics 2022

The international secure coding championship

Register for a chance to be crowned the ultimate secure coding warrior on October 19-20th, 2022

Secure Code Warrior Shield

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We shape developers to be more security-driven by teaching them the skills they need to produce secure code. Our flagship learning platform delivers relevant skills-based pathways and contextual tools for developers to quickly write secure, quality code and fix common security bugs in real-time.

Secure Code Warrior is a critical component of any enterprise security strategy.

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As the number of cyber-threats continues to grow, organizations are making daily trade offs between security, practicality and speed. Nobody wants to be front-page news for the latest data-breach, and organizations can't afford to lose business.

Secure Code Warrior 'starts left' in the software development process—empowering developers to have the skills and tools to create quality code from the very start.

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Reduce the risk of critical security issues, achieve compliance, and prevent software vulnerabilities by embracing developer-driven security.

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Learning & Development

Roll out a program built on modern learning, ensuring that your developers learn, apply, and reinforce the core principles of secure software development.

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Security Teams

Create a culture of secure coding by making security part of the way software developers think and code every day.

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Engineering Teams

Elevate your team's secure coding performance, reduce rework, and generate quality code to nail release deadlines.

2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™

Secure Code Warrior named in the 2022 Garter® Cool Vendors™ for Software Engineering

We’re proud to announce that Secure Code Warrior is one of four companies named in the Gartner Cool Vendors 2022 for Software Engineering: Enhancing Developer Productivity.

Client testimonials

"With Secure Code Warrior, we can ensure secure coding remains at the forefront of our developer’s minds, and fingertips, while instituting a more security-conscious organization overall. I have seen vulnerability remediation happening as a direct result of rolling out Secure Code Warrior training."

Head of Security @ Komodo Health

"Every organization wants to attract top talent, and one of the ways we are doing this is by offering career pathways and training. Even during the interview process, we show prospective candidates Secure Code Warrior as a perk of the job, and they're often excited to see this type of training. It is one of the ways we are attracting security-aware talent."

Security Architect @ SBB: Swiss Federal Railways

"It is vital that our organization is security-focused, and getting our developers in the mindset of security from a coding, build and testing perspective was key to the plan in my department. I really do think that people were excited about the event, and the Secure Code Warrior platform had a lot to do with that."

Lead Tester @ FINRA

Industries we serve

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Finance services

In face of increasing cyberattacks, robust defenses and strong regulatory compliance are keyto managing risk. It’s critical for financial services institutions to upskill developers to be their first line of defense against potential threats.

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With great innovation comes great security risk. Maximize release velocity, protect brand reputation, and ship secure code with confidence by nurturing developer security skills across multiple programming frameworks.

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Governments are focussing on improving the state of national cybersecurity and as agencies shift their focus to cloud-first and DevSecOps making it critical to embed security into the development lifecycle.

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Threat actors know the value patient information and financial records have, making healthcare organizations a prime target of cyberattacks. Protect your sensitive data by building and verifying developer secure coding skills.

And many more...

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