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Make software security a priority in 2022

The preventative, developer-driven approach to software security

The focus on automation, tooling and reactive responses to cyber threats can no longer stand alone against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. What is needed is a developer-driven approach to software security, with security-skilled developers who are a vital part of an organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

Explore this all-new white paper to learn more about:

  • How cybersecurity measures and priorities in critical infrastructure have influenced other industries
  • Why the "cybersecurity skills gap" is impossible to close with the current approach (and what can be done instead)
  • Effective ways to blend a people-focused security approach, with tools that make a difference.
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Quality software, and secure software, shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

In fact they must go hand in hand. With the increasing rise of security breaches that exploit software vulnerabilities, 2022 is the year to invest in releasing quality software - that is also secure - faster, regardless of the language:framework it is built on. To do that, you need security aware and enabled developers that code securely as applications are being created. Let Secure Code Warrior show you how with in-depth, contextual learning that is relevant to your developers' language:framework.

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Webinar: Increasing software release velocity with holistic, developer-driven security

The rise of security breaches stemming from exploitable software vulnerabilities means organizations must minimize the risk cyberattacks via software and applications. The most effective time to eliminate vulnerabilities from code is at the creation stage, and security-skilled developers hold the key.

Join our experienced panel including Darko Mesaroš from AWS in this webinar to explore best practices to build and implement a cohesive developer security program. Learn to simplify and speed up software releases and prioritize security, without compromising innovation.

Thursday 24 February, 11am PST 2pm EST / Thursday 24 February, 7pm GMT / Friday 25th February, 6am AEST 

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