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Australian Privacy Act 1988 (cth) and the GDPR

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Our approach to security and privacyOur approach to security and privacy
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As an Australian-based business, our information security and data privacy practices and policies are also guided by Australian law, namely the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act).

The Australian Privacy Principles are a cornerstone of the Privacy Act, and govern standards, rights, and obligations around:

  • the collection, use and disclosure of personal information
  • an organization or agency’s governance and accountability
  • integrity and correction of personal information
  • the rights of individuals to access their personal information

The GDPR and the Privacy Act include similar requirements. Both laws foster transparent information handling practices and business accountability, to give individuals confidence that their privacy is being protected. Both laws require businesses to implement measures that ensure compliance with a set of privacy principles, and both take a ‘privacy by design’ approach to compliance.

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Our approach to security and privacy

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