Continuous engagement


Tournaments enable you to continuously engage developers with friendly competitions. Its mechanism allows developers across different tech stacks to enjoy the game together, to build a positive security-first culture.

See what tournaments look like for participants and how to create a tournament in the following walkthrough. In the resource section, find out how OWASP UK used SCW tournaments to identify top vulnerabilities.

Tournament for positive cultural change

SCW tournament enables you to set up friendly developer competitions with:

Time-boxed interactive learning

Matchable difficulty levels and relevant vulnerabilities across different tech stacks to ensure fairness

Data that help identify top weaknesses

Results that help Identify security champions

Request a tournament for your team

See how coding tournaments work in the field


Zero-day attacks are on the rise. It's time to plan a defensive edge.

Zero-day attacks, by definition, give developers zero time to find and patch existing vulnerabilities that could be exploited, because the threat actor got in first. The damage is done and then it’s a mad scramble to fix both the software and reputational damage to the business. Attackers are always at an advantage, and closing that edge as much as possible is crucial.

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Your guide to defense against the dark art of zero-day attacks

Zero-day attacks can be the stuff of nightmares, but when an organization commits to using all available tools in their security arsenal towards a preventative strategy, security professionals can sleep a little easier.

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The preventative, developer-driven approach to software security

Learn more about how security-aware developers represent a vast and largely untapped resource that can support cyber defenses by consistently standing against modern threats.

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Case Studies

ASRG's push for automotive software security

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