The state of developer-driven security, 2022

In partnership with Evans Data Corp, we surveyed 1,200 developers globally to understand their skills, perceptions, and challenges surrounding secure coding. Here’s what we found.

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As organizations navigate their way through evolving development methodologies, they all covet the same thing: the need to release kick-ass software with competitive features, and with the certainty it’s also secure.

When done right, security-aware and skilled developers become the first line of defense against vulnerability exploitation - reducing rework, increasing release velocity, and improving code quality without compromising innovation.

The state of developer-driven security survey 2022

Read about the skills, perceptions, and challenges around secure coding as reported by 1,200 active software developers from around the world.

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The challenges (and opportunities) to improve software security

Despite a vast array of security measures, we continue to see the repercussions of software vulnerabilities. Based on a survey of developers from around the globe, we examine key findings to understand the state of developer security skills and challenges.

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The challenges (and opportunities) to improve secure coding practices

Despite the vast array of security measures adopted by organizations, we continue to see the repercussions of software vulnerabilities. Based on our recent report ‘The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey 2022’, SCW co-founders Pieter Danhieux and Matias Madou will discuss the findings to uncover the challenges around current secure coding practices and identify the opportunities that organizations can embrace to improve developer security skills, and ultimately software security.

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